These sneakers have become famous on TikTok because of a person who walked 50,000 steps in them without any problems

Are Time Offs the perfect shoe for this spring?  (Amazon)

Are Time Offs the perfect shoe for this spring? (Amazon)

Spring is right around the corner, so you may already be planning a visit. Whether your adventures take you running through airports, taking you on a sightseeing tour on foot through cities, or simply exploring your home state, a comfortable pair of sneakers will be essential for those trips.

And TikTok user @shescutesy thinks she’s found the perfect pair: Dr. Scholl’s Time Off sneakers. In fact, he called them “literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.” And now they’re on sale for $70 on Amazon.

US$70 US$100 on amazon

These beautiful sneakers went viral for being elegant, comfortable, and versatile!  Photo: These beautiful sneakers went viral for being elegant, comfortable, and versatile!  Photo:

These beautiful sneakers went viral for being elegant, comfortable, and versatile! Photo:

Why is it a good investment?

These Dr. Scholl sneakers aren’t usually on sale, so when their price drops, we recommend adding them to your shopping cart immediately.

There are 10 colors to choose from, and many are currently on sale for as low as $70, depending on the design and size you choose. So grab a pair before your next trip!

Why do you need them?

Content creator @shescutesy said she walked 50,000 steps in Barcelona wearing these cute sneakers and her feet didn’t hurt or get a single blister. “I did my entire trip to Europe in these shoes! Honestly, I give them 10/10, I would buy them in all colors,” she said in the caption of the video. When she posted it, it instantly went viral, garnering over 337,000 likes and 3.6 million views in just five days.

In addition to praising how comfortable the Time Offs are, he added, “They’re also cute, which isn’t usually part of the equation when it comes to casual shoes.” In the video, he also mentioned their versatility as he could wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts and other outfits.

The shoes have antimicrobial and anti-odor insoles to protect your feet from bad odor when you walk a lot during hot and humid days. Plus, they have anatomical cushioning and provide good support to maximize comfort and are lightweight, so they don’t burden you when you walk. These slip-on sneakers have a low platform to give you a little boost and are made from durable materials, so you can feel good about your purchase.

US$70 US$100 on amazon

Some people have actually worn Dr. Shawl's slippers ever since. Some people have actually worn Dr. Shawl's slippers ever since.

Some people have called Dr. Schall’s slippers the “most comfortable” slippers they have ever worn. Photo:

What do the reviews say?

Nearly 1,500 Amazon buyers have also become fans of these beautiful and comfortable sneakers. One said: “I was skeptical because cute little slippers usually aren’t the most comfortable or supportive, but these are amazing. They are very soft from inside and extremely comfortable to walk in all day long. The sole is thick, but not overly heavy. “They are supportive without being unstable.”

Another person said these shoes were travel ready, they didn’t need a break-in period, they broke in right out of the box. “I wore these shoes almost my entire trip to Italy. “They were very comfortable,” he said. “One day I walked 36,000 steps (about 22 kilometers) and there was no pain in my hips and legs. I wear size 11 and have wide feet. “They fit me perfectly and I hadn’t worn them before I went to Italy.”

Even people with foot problems like plantar fasciitis love these! “I wanted good shoes that were also comfortable to walk in. These are excellent. I walked all over New York City and they performed well, my feet didn’t hurt. I have plantar fasciitis and these shoes were a lot more helpful than good shoes,” one person wrote.

This last fan praised the support they provide: “They provide good support. The toe box is spacious, which is hard to find these days. I need room to spread my toes, so these shoes are perfect. The only downside is that the soles are not as ‘sticky’ as I would like and they tend to be a little slippery on wood floors, so I would add something to them to make them more non-slippery. Plus, they’re fantastic.”

US$70 US$100 on amazon

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