Chicago manager proposes challenge to Yoan Moncada

chicago white sox They finished 2023 with an unfavorable record of 61 wins and 101 losses, which was fourth in the Central Division. On this team, the presence of several Cubans is notable, the most notable being outfielder Luis Robert Jr. and third baseman Yoan Moncada. The better performance of these two players translates into victory and the board knows this, so they hope that both of them will give their best performance.

Last year, Yoan Moncada hit .260/.305/.425 with 11 home runs and 40 RBI. For 2024, Cuban wants more responsibilities within the lineup and aims to rapidly increase his performances and contributions to the team. Seeing these good wishes, the squad manager pedro grifol He was enthusiastic and was sending a challenging and encouraging message to Cuba.

Chicago manager challenges Yoan Moncada

According to the manager, Yoan Moncada wants to bat second for the Chicago White Sox this year. Currently, Cuban is in excellent shape in Spring Training where he has hit .400 and believes he can contribute more to the team in higher positions. In this regard, Grifol sent a challenge as well as a message of confidence to the Antilleans.

“This is a place where there is no interest in the system.” You have to surrender. Not much, but something. You’ve got to take the shots, move forward, guys. You may have to jump, hit and run, and he is totally into it. With my main guys, I don’t like to disrupt the rhythm of the lineup. so what does that mean? You have to play. You have to give us the game »Grifol explained.

Iconic site by 2024 baseball reference He projected a batting line of .249/.322/.405 with 48 RBI and 12 home runs for Yoan Moncada. In one server’s opinion, Moncada needs to break these predictions and improve to cement himself in his desired innings and help the team as the situation warrants more responsibility.

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