Chicharito announces that he will return to “the best city in Mexico”

Javier Hernández indicated that he would return to Liga MX and that he would play in “the best city in Mexico”.

mexican forward javier ‘chicharito’ hernandez Announced that he would soon return to “the best city in Mexico”, thus marking his return to Liga MX after 13 years.

during the red carpet of Kings League AmericaThe top scorer of the Mexican national team talked about his possible return to Aztec football and, despite not pointing directly to Guadalajara, mentioned that he would rather be “there” in a city where “meat in its juice” is made. Is.

When the player was directly asked to name the city, he remained silent.

Chicharito In recent weeks he has been in talks to become the new Flock player. His representative also traveled to Guadalajara to refine the details.

Javier Hernandez commented that he will not be arriving in Mexico this week and that his return to Aztec soil will probably be in the coming weeks.

Lorenzo RomanThe center forward’s representative demanded “maximum respect for both parties.” Similarly, he believed that the forward’s return was favorable for both the players and the players. Shivaj: “It’s great for both sides,” he told ESPN upon arriving at Guadalajara International Airport.

Guadalajara decided to remove the number “14” from Ricardo Marín, who had the representative number on his back that Hernández had used during his time as a man of the team. There was no owner of this number at the beginning of Clausura 2024 and Marín started taking the number “19” for this semester.

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