She Came to Me (Movie Review) –

Drama comedy by Rebecca Miller. With Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei and Peter Dinklage. Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes.

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She Came to Me (2024) ©VVS Films

Steven, a married man, is a musician who lacks inspiration. One evening, in a bar, he meets a woman named Katrina, with whom he will spend the night. The next day, he surprisingly finds his inspiration and decides to write his adventure into his new musical work… but what he doesn’t know is that Katrina has become attached to him and is determined not to let him go.

what does it say

Presented in Berlin last year, “Unexpected Encounters” presents the ups and downs of love in an original way, challenging its protagonists. And, most of all, by making fun of them.

But if we often rejoice at the incredible situations they find themselves in, the film doesn’t exactly choose its action and is scattered between various oddly connected narrative arcs. A surprising dynamic in which the characters, all charming, deserve more interest in them, especially the role played by Anne Hathaway, notable in the role of Steven’s wife, a neurotic psychologist who single-handedly manages to keep the boat afloat.

She Came to Me (2024) ©VVS Films

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