Chicharito Hernandez: ‘Chivas is the greatest in this pin country’

javier hernandez He spoke his first words in front of a packed Akron Stadium, which welcomed him as a true international star, and on the same field where he said goodbye in 2010. Fans requested support for ChivasA team of which he said, “is the greatest team that has existed and will ever exist in Mexico.”

It was a night full of emotions for Hernandez His presentation as reinforcement for ChivasSince the fans gave him a great welcome, and there Chicharito took advantage so that the support was for the club and not just for a footballer.

“The only thing I’m going to ask of you, Chiva brothers, is that since you want to support me or support other personalities, boffo, Support all of us, the whole team, Here he supports Chivas and Chivas will always be the priority. I will be in charge of the team, there will be tough times for all of us, but I want us to continue performing please Why we Mexicans are the best fuck fans in the worldBecause they support each other, because they face each other, they support each other in goals, they support each other when goals are missed, but they Support each other, because Chivas is more than a sport, Chivas is and will always be the biggest club in this country, I love them”.

‘Imagine good things’: Chicharito

Hernández didn’t spare his family history, he remembered where his love for Chivas was born, and what was the reason for returning to the club he loved, and he cried when talking about his grandfather Tomás Balcázar .

“I want to start by asking you if you remember imagining good things, and I ask you if you remember, because there is a very special person to me, who is Don Tomas Balcazar, a true legend of campionissimoAnd believe me, that’s the basis of why I love Chivas, why I decided to play with Chivas, and Why I decided to return to Chivas, There are no words, there are no formulas that can tell you what can be achieved in this life, but I have always learned from my comrades, from Boffo, from Ramón, from Salcido who was here, etc. My grandfather, all these legends, from the Campeonissimo to the team that became champion with Omar Bravo, Boffo and Venado, and then with his teammates, in which I was fortunate to be able to participate for a long time, and then the champion team. . ,

The scorer, who had a particularly emotional moment in the locker room before his presentation, highlighted the bravery of a club that only plays with Mexican football players.

“If Chivas is defined by anything, it’s bravery, and I’m going to explain why, Because he has the ability to play with a Mexican cigar, It’s irrefutable, and I don’t care what others do, Chivas is in the second race, Chivas is giving opportunities to Mexicans, this kind of opportunity, that here is a football player, and there are so many Mexicans, so many There are all these people from all over the world, that we’re coming together to not only celebrate something, but something that we know is coming, because if all of Mexico and parts of the world are talking about Chivas Continue, whether they win or not, it’s because Chivas has always been dangerous, Chivas will always be this great, always, always.”

Chicharito, grateful for the response

Hernandez did not hide his excitement after seeing an akron filled to the brim To see his return, like a young player as he himself called him, He is stepping into the court where he has not been since June 2010 When he also created history by becoming the first scorer.

“And I’m going to end this with two things, Chiva brothers: one thatOr are there words to thank you for creating history? In filling a stadium, and one of the best stadiums in Latin America to receive a young player, no matter what his name is, but the other one, the Chivabrothers, so I’m going to ask them, because my teammates told me received there, Chicharito wouldn’t have been able to do it without his teammates“Chicharito could not have done it without you, Chicharito could not have done it for the family, because I think what we need most in our country is unity, and look at what has arisen, it is possible, it It is possible and it is possible.”

Chicharito said goodbye and did so while raising a banner bearing his photo, dressed in Chivas attire, with the legend “Welcome”.

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