Child’s body found in San Miguel del Padrón

A child found dead This Sunday morning in a residential area of ​​the San Miguel del Padrón municipality in Havana.

Reports on social networks indicated it was a six-month-old baby, although others said it would be a newborn.

He terrible discovery It took place near the Las Piedras Club in downtown Havana, near buildings located on 4th and 8th Vias.

The @raggamorffa account on Instagram published a video showing several people looking at the body of a child wrapped in white cloth or paper on the grass of a crossroads. Police cordoned off the area and a patrol car and at least two officers were at the scene.

“Sad news: The body of a six-month-old baby appears on 4th Street and 8 Vias in the capital municipality of San Miguel del Padrón,” the post indicated.

A Facebook profile identified as Edmundo Dantes Jr. also echoed the news with photos of the discovery exciting detailsThere has been no official confirmation of this.

Facebook screenshot/Edmundo Dantes Jr.

“Let’s wait for more information. It is said that his throat was cut, heartless.…but nothing is clear yet, only rumors from people present there,” he wrote in his post.

A user in the Facebook group “Cuban Mothers for a Better World” also made reference to the fact that the child’s throat had been slit.

Facebook Capture/Chila Baldez

In the comments, users confirmed the finding of the dead body. One of them said that her mother “is a nurse and they told her that she had to go out to see all their pregnant and lactating women”, suggesting that the authorities had ordered this investigation. Has any child been born in the area recently? Child.

Facebook Comment/Excerpt from Cuban Mothers for a Better World (Official Group)

Another woman said she had seen the body and assured that “they also found a handcuff from the time of his birth, which he wore in the hospital.”

Until this note is published, There has been no confirmation from the authorities regarding the discovery of the dead body.,

In recent years, Cubans have seen a worrying increase in cases of newborns abandoned in garbage dumps or other urban areas, most of whom are found dead.

At the beginning of last December, it was A lifeless baby was found in a garbage dump in Pinar del Rio city center,

exactly a month ago, it was The body of another child was found in a garbage tank in the San Isidro neighborhood of Old Havana,

In March 2023, a student at the Hector Ruiz Pérez Provincial Sports Initiation School (EIDE) in Santa Clara, She gave birth to a child secretly in the institution and threw the newborn from the second floor, causing skull fracture. The body was found by a patron.

In late 2022, two more cases shocked citizens. An incident occurred in the Mulgoba neighborhood of Boyerosa, Havana., Days after the child was found dead, police arrested his mother, identified as Darin Fernandez.

After a few weeks, Lifeless body of another child found In a garbage dump in Los Pinos, the military district of Las Tunas, the provincial capital.

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