Chivas’ lineup to receive PUMA UNAM

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Sacred Flock are looking to get back to winning ways to reclaim their place in the standings after two games in which they have left many in doubt about their performances.

Chivas Lineup to Get the Pumas.
© imago7Chivas Lineup to Get the Pumas.

He cub guadalajara will receive this saturday UNAM PUMAS In this Akron StadiumFor matches corresponding to match day 8 Completion 2024, Sacred Flock needs to find victory again, after two games in which it did not show its best image and added only one unit away from the first place in the standings.

He draw against mazatlan And this Defeat against Necaxa This has once again raised some doubts among Chivas fans, who are waiting to see how they react Fernando Gago in this situation. Five consecutive wins had given strong support to the Argentine coach, but Now the moment of truth is getting closer and there is less room for error.

Chivas is currently in ninth place plank of postsHowever, with 12 units A win would allow them to cross the line of teams like Toluca and Tigres, in addition to reaching other teams like Necaxa, América and Pumas., These last three are ranked fourth behind Cruz Azul, Pachuca and Monterrey.

Although this has not been confirmed, hopefully there will be someSome changes in the Chivas lineup. In fact, it is already known that uOne of the usual starters, Pavel Pérez, is not even among those called to receive the Pumas. The return of Chicharito Hernandez and Jose Juan Macias are also among the new additions to the roster.

Possible alignment of Chivas against Pumas UNAM

Chivas has lost in its trip to Necaxa: Mateo Chávez and Pavel Pérez will be casualties in the starting eleven (Imago7)

  • jose raul rangel
  • alan mojo
  • Antonio Briseno
  • gilberto orozco
  • Leonardo Sepulveda
  • Fernando Beltran
  • Eric Gutierrez
  • Victor Guzman
  • Roberto Alvarado
  • Ricardo Marin
  • cade cowell

Pumas’ probable lineup against Chivas

The Pumas recorded four wins, three draws and one loss in the Clausura 2024 (Imago7)
  • Julio Gonzalez
  • Jesus Rivas
  • Nathanael Ananias
  • pablo monroy
  • jose galindo
  • ulices rivas
  • Jesus Rivas
  • leo suarez
  • piero quispe
  • Eduardo Salvio
  • guillermo martinez

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How will Chivas fare against Pumas?

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