What are the normal values ​​of leukocytes in the blood of healthy men and women? When should I worry? Health magazine

leukocytes, also known as white blood cells, are blood cells from the bone marrow; They are part of the immune system and their main job is to fight infection to protect the body from external agents such as bacteria, viruses or allergens.

According to the CCM portal, these cells can be found in the blood, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, adenoids, and lymph.

Getty Images Few medical tests are 100% accurate.

What are the normal values ​​of white blood cells?

People normally produce 100 billion white blood cells a day. In a given volume of blood, the number of leukocytes is expressed as cells per microliter of blood.

MSD Health details that overall a person usually has white blood cells Between 4,000 to 11,000 per microliter (4 to 11 x 109 per liter). This can be seen through a blood test.

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When the white blood cell count is less than 4,000/mm³, it is called leucopeniaWhich makes the affected person vulnerable to infection.

When is it time to worry?

Besides, When the leukocyte count is more than 11,000/mm³ This is leukocytosis and usually occurs as a normal response of the body to certain medications such as corticosteroids or medications used to fight an infection.

However, when this occurs it may also be a sign that the person has bone marrow cancer (Leukemia) The affected cells therefore grow uncontrollably, so the best thing is to go to a specialist.

If the leukocyte level is too high, The patient is at risk of blood clots, which can cause heart attack or stroke. Chile’s health superintendent points out that the possibility of developing autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus also increases.


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