Chrome adds AI feature to curb your tab addiction

On Tuesday, Google announced a series of new features in Chrome that continue the web browser’s inevitable progress into the world of artificial intelligence. It includes an AI theme builder that customizes the look of your browser, a tool that will fill any field with AI-written text, and a new “smart” tab organizer that keeps track of your embarrassingly growing number of open websites. Will group the herd.

The features are available today with the latest Chrome update (M121), but you won’t see them unless you turn them on. Looking at the trend of AI, Google is particularly cautious in this area

completely Close Rail, The company launched more than a dozen aye features And products for the last year, but Google calls most of them “experimental” and keeps them locked behind settings you have to turn on to access them. You can find instructions on how to access Chrome’s experimental AI features below. Chrome’s most innovative new feature is the change to tab management options. Chrome already offers a Tab Groups feature, which allows you to fit tabs around a given theme or project. However, you have to do it by hand, and it’s a bit complicated. In the future, you can use the “Organize similar tabs” feature instead, which will automatically sort them and even give names and functions to tab groups. Emoji. When Chrome’s AI features are enabled, you can open the options by right-clicking on your tab.

A GIF from Google Chrome’s AI theme generator

Finally, Chrome is also getting a feature that will help you type more confidently on the web. In other words, it’s a ChatGPT-style text generator that will add words for you in any field. Right-click the text box and press “Help.” I’ll write” and Chrome will write a draft for you. Enter a few words and your browser will generate a complete block of text that you can adjust in pitch and length using the drop-down menus.

Google Chrome AI Feature “Help Me Write”

Google suggests you can use Help Me Write to write product reviews, RSVP to a party, or inquire about renting an apartment.  This will certainly be useful for users who shy away from typing, but it will also open the door to a web full of AI garbage.  Now, if you want typing assistance from the robot, you have to open Google Bard or ChatGPT, enter a message and copy.  Finish if you want to use it.  Removing those steps and adding text generators directly to text fields will make that process quick and simple, meaning in the immediate future you'll be reading more robotic writing than ever before.

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