(Cinema) Yorgos Lanthimos at the helm of the remake of Save the Green Planet!

Whereas poor creatures Continuing its journey marked by success, allowing Emma Stone to go with a Golden Globe and then a BAFTA for Best Actress (before the future Oscar?), Yorgos Lanthimos multiplied the projects. Although he remained discreet for five years, the Greek director is not inactive as he has already released the compilation types of kindnessIt’s expected to hit theaters later this year and he’s already preparing to return behind the camera to tackle his sixth feature film.

Actually, the filmmaker is currently working on the remake of the South Korean science fiction film titled Save the Green Planet!, which we owe to Jang Joon-hwan. Released in theaters in 2003, this black comedy revolves around the desperate quest of a disillusioned young man and his girlfriend to kidnap the boss of a chemical company, whom they believe is an extraterrestrial trying to invade the Earth. Suspected to be a prominent member of the caste. Or the starting point of a battle of wits between the kidnapper, his devoted fiancée, the businessman and a private detective, which involves ups and downs. Managing to go beyond the borders of its country, thanks to its presentation at numerous genre festivals, this somewhat bizarre UFO became of interest to big names in Hollywood, the idea of ​​an American-style transfer of this madness began to make its way. It was done four years ago, when Ari Aster expressed his desire to produce it.

If initially Joon-hwan was to return to the director’s post, this version, overseen by Square Peg (Aster and Lars Knudsen’s company), Element Pictures and CJ ENM Studios, stalled, leading to the latter’s departure. Till today. The script, which attracted the attention of Yorgos Lanthimos, eager to make up for lost time after his short creative break, was conceived by Will Tracy, who had worked on the series. inheritance And menu Thus a buyer was found, a defunct machine was relaunched. so, Save the Green Planet! It will be filmed between the United Kingdom and the United States this summer, with the goal of hitting theaters in 2025. On the casting side, note that a certain Emma Stone will be there, as hinted by US site Variety. Let us now see with whom the actress will share the poster in this remake. Given the progress of its production, we will have answers soon.

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