Clinical Support Challenges: Managing More Diseases

Once the first reports in Spain were studied and published, Analyzes Clinical Assistant in Primary CareThe main challenges of this data are found in estimating it user satisfaction And Expand the model to other chronic pathologies, This is indicated by its main author, a family doctor from EAP Sardinia (Barcelona). Maria Luisa GalanTo medical writing,

Galan has moved forward with a second part of the study. Know patient satisfaction Who have been looked after by clinical assistants. However, during the time that the experience occurred, users were asked Researchers still need to collect and analyze data, However, the family doctor has pointed out that toiletBoth doctors and nurses, they are content And will continue this model.

Originator of study on effectiveness of clinical aids in primary care to study patient satisfaction

,This result opens up a range of possibilities. It depends on each organization,” Galan explained. The study shows that clinical assistants can Facilitate implementation and compliance with the protocol in patients with hypertension and diabetes and, in the long run, will improve the degree of control and quality of care for these patients. “Accompanied by a clinical assistant, the patient The control that should be done is done, When this data does not exist, what often happens is that users do not come and no long-term control“The doctor continued.

On the other hand, another advantage is that clinical assistants Assists health workers with bureaucratic tasks, “Diseases like diabetes or hypertension have protocols to be followed systematically With the clinical assistant it allows us not to have so much health care pressure, The protocol is followed, the doctor looks at it and Everything is done in one visit. not before“, Galen reflected.

Extend the model to other pathologies

Beyond diabetes and hypertension, the EAP Barcelona team, which had three clinical assistants during this experience, Wants to expand this model The union of doctor, nurse and other chronic pathologies among this figure, As in “Heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)”,

For this reason, this primary care health center is already five clinical assistants With the aim of “gaining greater control over chronic diseases.” Continue bureaucratizing consultations“, in the words of Galan.

Clinical adjuvants, apart from controlling diabetes and hypertension, can also work on heart failure and COPD.

The training of clinical assistants is done by health workers, doctors and nurses from the same centre. In addition, these professionals complete a training and development course for clinical assistants from the Collège de Metges de Barcelona (COMB), with a duration of 90 teaching hours and twenty hours of practicum.

At the moment, the main obstacle that makes it impossible to expand clinical assistants in the health system is “It is not legally clear what her figure should be”, In this sense, Galán has urged the administration to “consider the clinical assistant and give him legal support”, as well as to update the computer programs to enable his work, because The main platform used in Catalonia does not allow this,

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