Coffee lost in the Gold Cup

The women’s team failed once and were relegated. Lots of desire, but few scoring options.

The Colombian national team lost 0-1 against its Brazilian counterpart on the second day of Group B of the CONCACAF W Women’s Gold Cup. Thus, its qualification for the quarter-finals will be played against Puerto Rico on the final date.

Against Brazil you cannot give up or give away the advantage, and exactly in the fourth minute the Coffee team made a serious error at the beginning, with a bad delivery from the goalkeeper Natalia Giraldo, the Brazilians recovered and reached the Colombian zone, allowing Duda Santos scored the goal of 1-0.

The goalkeeper became frustrated with her mistake, and failures to serve the ball were repeated, to the extent that goal kicks began to be taken by field players.

The initial goal was certain, as the Colombians could never reciprocate their desire for clarity; They were willing, but when it came to giving the last stitch they were wrong.

To make matters worse, judge Tori Penso’s refereeing was poor, with decisions that heated up the match and angry reactions from players on both teams were noticeable. However, the Colombians lost control more easily.

The truth is that given the familiarity of the Brazilian defensive zone, the Colombian players could not connect comfortably. They clashed frequently and had no clear scoring options.

Catalina Usme had to move into midfield to receive the ball and guide attacks, but in that task she left the field and the national team never got an offensive context.

Against Puerto Rico, the national team hopes to seal their classification into the quarterfinals.

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