Colombian in Mexico reports being bullied and brutally beaten by her partner

Four months ago, a young woman from Bogotá decided to immigrate to Mexico in search of new opportunities. However, their purpose has been seriously affected by the psychological and physical abuse of their romantic partners.

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Meanwhile, the woman – whose identity has been kept anonymous for her protection – He would be the victim of abuse by a Mexican he was dating,

The violent situation reportedly escalated last weekend, when The man beat her so brutally that she fell unconscious on the floor.,

If no one was there he could have killed me.

,He attacked me and also attacked his friends who tried to defend me, “If no one had been there, the truth is that he could have killed me,” the Colombian said. citynews,

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Over the weekend, the man attacked his partner and seriously slashed her face, back and legs. She had to be transferred to a care center in a wheelchair.

According to the victim, the attacker grabbed her from behind and threw her on the ground, due to which she became unconscious.

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psychological abuse from a long time ago

Although this was the strongest episode in which the victim was a young woman from Bogotá, there were other behaviors of the man that influenced her.

“He was very aggressive, not in terms of hitting, but also in terms of shouting and insulting. The truth is, I thought that was how they treated each other,” the woman said in the conversation. citytv,

Fortunately, she began to realize that these were “a few caveats”, as she herself mentions.

Although the man was captured by Mexican authorities, The victim fears she will be abandoned and attacked, as he may have threatened to kill her.

This is how you can report cases of gender violence

If you or any woman around you is a victim of psychological, physical, economic or sexual violence, you can contact the national line 155.

Similarly, you can report to the lines of the Attorney General’s Office at the national number 018000919748, by dialing 122 from your cell phone, or in Bogotá at 601 5702000.

If you are in Bogotá, you can call the Purple Line of the Women’s Secretariat, 018000112137.

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