Commissioner Rob Manfred announces retirement from MLB

Rob ManfredIn 2024, he will complete nine years as its chief. big league, 65 year old lawyer becomes successful bud selig In office in 2015. Manfred is a person who is associated with big tent from before its mandate. He was one of the main actors in the negotiations to achieve the first agreement regarding the conduct of anti-doping tests in 2013. Additionally, he served as an advisor to the players’ strike that halted competitive activities in 1994 and 1995. Team owner.

The mandate came after his arrival ChiefThe decisions taken were not liked by many areas. Manfred decided to bring the game closer to young fans with measures such as shortening the time of matches, reducing commercial breaks, prohibiting batsmen leaving the box or automatic intentional walks, which are most important in this aspect.

MLB will have a new commissioner by 2029

This will be the controversial commissioner’s last term in office which will end when he turns 71. One of his well-intentioned decisions was to include women in executive positions big league, This measure allowed this sector of the public to identify more with the brand. There are also many cases of female referees, coaches and scouts within the system. major league,

Rob ManfredWhom some experts consider the worst commissioner in history mlbHad to face very serious circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences were one of the main burdens of his management. The decision to shorten the season and play it in the famous “Bubbles” This was one of the most controversial. Obviously, his image has taken a downturn since that fateful year. They face problems even in 2022 opening day Due to which the start of the season was also delayed.

Rob Manfred, would go down as one of the most controversial, but also media, commissioners in history. We will have to wait to see who takes over the management of one of the largest sporting bodies in the world.

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