Conor McGregor doubts about Mike Tyson and Jake Paul’s unexpected fight


Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson |  Instagram: jakepaul
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson | Instagram: jakepaul

conor mcgregor He cannot understand why a fight was suddenly planned between them. Mike TysonFormer World Heavyweight Champion, with jake paul YouTuber who became a professional boxer and who is looking for a win that will propel him into the big leagues of boxing, however the boxer ufcHe believes that this fight should not have happened.

clash between mike tyson and jake paul Will this be next? July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Texas, Amid doubts about how the nearly 60-year-old former boxer arrived since just over a year ago He came on stage in a wheelchairS, right during a UFC event. without forgetting that 30 years difference This would also be a controversial question as for some people it should not even count as a professional fight.

“Oh my God. It’s a little weird. Low interest, I don’t know. I don’t understand.” I wish Mike all the best“he declared conor mcgregor Former World Mixed Martial Arts Champion by Company ufc,

Mike Tyson will be Jake Paul’s next opponent. @jakepaul

Mike Tyson last fought professionally in 2005 When he lost to Kevin McBride. At 58 years old, the former world boxing champion boasts some training that displays incredible strength, but he can’t seem to generate enough confidence to see how he would approach a fight jake paul Digital content creator who connects only one Defeat to Tommy Fury And many dubious wins due to the quality of their opponents.

The fight will take place at the agreed weight Such an appointment that 80 thousand seats can be sold Arlington Stadium achieved this feat despite receiving criticism from the people conor mcgregor And contact many other sports stars.

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