Control, restraint and dispersal: this is how Chavismo’s gears work to prevent the opposition from participating in Venezuelan elections

How Chavismo’s tactics to manipulate election results work in Venezuela

After the establishment of Chavista regime In Venezueladoubts about legality And transparency The election season continues in the country. Complaints of discrepancies in record electoral Or electronic voteLack of guarantees and all kinds of manipulations have been happening again and again Oppose In every call for voting.

oppression spread by “Tascon List”The token’s designation is clearly linked to Chavismo National Election Council ,CNE), bias of armed forces and its obvious abuse Public funding for campaigns created the ideal scenario for various ghosts to settle in society, favoring the continued passion of Chavismo. stay in power,

“To achieve victory in 2024, ripe At least three actions are needed: Keeping electoral control – which clearly guarantees it, especially with the appointment of the new National Electoral Council – Generating rescue And create dispersion of opposition votes Or the vote that goes against,” he explained. infobae Director of, eugenio martinez,

Although the regime has used many other resources to guarantee its sustainability Miraflores Palace“Slice to the OpposeIt has been one of the most used strategies in every process called so far through these actions.

Part of the impartiality of electoral organizations set of implied warranties In the game of democracy, because it gives citizens the certainty that their decisions will be respected in every process. However, in Venezuela It has become increasingly clear how most of the officials in charge of organizing the elections have ties to Chavismo, giving rise to all kinds of suspicions about the management.

Venezuela moves ahead with 2024 presidential elections amid uncertainty (Reuters/File)

george rodriguezcurrent head of Venezuelan Parliament And one of the main leaders of Chavismo is the clearest example of this irregular management of the institution. A few months after leaving the CNE in 2006, he became Vice President of the Republic and one of the closest people to the then President. hugo chavez,

Rodriguez’s successor, tibis lucenaalso held a post in the administration of ripe After his departure from CNE: Minister University education,

A similar case also happens with the current president of the organization. elvis amorosowho was part of several political parties affiliated with Chavismo, was a deputy representing the eastern region of the country and served in the post Comptroller General of the Republic,

For martinezThere is also a leading journalist from the election source VenezuelaChavismo’s control of the CNE serves not only as a way to “intimidate votes” from distrustful citizens, but also as a resource for making decisions in favor of the regime.

“When Chavismo took over completely Parliament In 2010, it approved a new electoral law Where it bypasses and omits most of the legal time limits that exist National Election Council Full discretion to define when the election is, what day it is done, what month of the year it is done and more operational issues such as how long a particular operation lasts or when to update the registry. How is that particular operation done,” he said.

if already Politicization of CNE This is an element that scares off a section of voters because they distrust the transparency of elections, a task ahead for the regime. Any element that reduces opposition participation Venezuela The ever-weakening popular support is favorable for the dictatorship.

Director on this subject He explained that for a large part of Venezuelans the debate on issues such as “fraud”, “lack of conditions” and “the impossibility of updating the electoral registry” is part of this format.

Control, restraint and dispersion: this is how Chavismo gear works to prevent the opposition from participating in Venezuelan elections (EFE/File)

in-depth review of electoral registration has been one of the most persistent complaints of Maduro’s opposition During the last years, because today according to some estimates “four million people who are outside the electoral register need to update their data in the electoral registry.” Venezuela, At least two million voters need to register within the electoral registry and they need to update their data, that is, they need to update their polling location, as do at least another two million people. Venezuela,

Just as Chavismo’s control of the CNE favors abstention, scaring away disaffected voters, so its absence Oppose The referendum is part of the third part of the series: The dispersion of votes,

How Chavismo’s tactics to manipulate election results work in Venezuela

If a group of opponents stops going to the polls because of neutrality National Election Council is between said group and another group, also disenfranchised, cannot vote because their data was not updated in the voter registry, two of the three pieces of this mechanism are already activated, being activated in turn Are dispersion of votes,

This last wheel, in turn, has an autonomous impulse: the factor of Oppose who have not associated themselves with unitary platform,

For the 2024 elections, apart from the Chavismo candidate, who has not been confirmed by any member United Socialist Party of Venezuela Nor by the members of the government themselves and the candidate unitary platform, Maria Corina MachadoComedians and politicians are also expected to register independently, Benjamin Rousseauwho have already participated in the presidential election, as well as many of its other candidates Oppose “Which has been tailored to the Venezuelan government after interference from political parties, hijacking of cards and judicial intervention.”

“At least we are going to see three or four candidates President of the year 2024, what’s the problem? voting level of ripe It’s quite low right now, but solid,” he said. martinez, “We can say that today 20% of Venezuelans will vote Nicolas Maduro, The other 80% will be divided between those who believe we should vote or not. rescue He arises. between and scattering of votes Who is an independent candidate among the candidates of the unitary platform? Benjamin Rousseau And the candidate who leaves democratic allianceWhich is the opposition that is more interested in becoming the opposition unitary platform which is being opposed Nicolas Maduro,

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