Doctors celebrate 50 years of the University College of Huesca

Official College of Physicians Celebrates This Sunday, January 21, Half a century since the reopening of the University College, “the root from which the capital and the entire region regained their university essence Interrupted in 1845.” It was a day like today, but in 1974, when First year medicine classes at University College (old Santa Rosa College)What was promotion in 1974/79 and “The embryo of the consolidation of the entire medical study in Huesca”, an objective that has long been in high demand about which the College is “delighted to be on the imminent horizon”.,

But it was necessary for classes to start in the University College. What is required is “the effort of a group of lovers of the University of Huesca tradition, supported by Dr. Manuel Artero”, and which promoted well-received initiatives by the government. “Two circumstances came together,” recalls the college: This type of schools were built in different parts of Spain. to compensate for the traditional university macrostructure and, in addition, found a The enthusiastic support of the then mayor and doctor, Antonio Lacaletta”,

this was school At its beginning, a center attached to a university where originally the first cycles of degrees were taught, which would later be completed in Zaragoza., the next step was Integration into the university, which did not occur until 1986 With Vicente Macarena as rector and by the Law of 1983 “Contradictory Legal Acts after the Disappearance of the Figure of the University College”.

And now the college is commemorating half a century of being a university college. It was in the fall of 1974 when the 1974/80 class began its journey and the school states that two different classes started in the same year “this was due to the failed reform of the Minister of Education Julio Rodríguez”.

“From that original time to the temporary headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and to the new College of Santa Rosa, (University College) moved to the abandoned building of the old Provincial Maternity Hospital, where it remained for 9 years,” recalls the college, which previously housed it. connects to In 1985 the center took over the Plaza Universidad building, which was “repurposed as student residence.”, The Provincial Council led the work of purchasing premises, teachers and administrative staff.

Full Degree and Barbastro University Hospital

and the history of medicine in Huesca Autumn of this year is the date on which the expansion of studies will begin with the second cycle “to progressively complete the entire graduation program.”n in the next courses.

And now, with St George’s as a university hospital, The College of Physicians intends to achieve the same qualification as Barbastro,


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