They booed ‘Chicotey’ Calderon at the Azteca

América fans showed their dissatisfaction with Chivas’ reinforcements in the match against Querétaro.

cristian calderon He did not receive a good reception from the club’s fans. America In his first game that he experienced on the field as a local player Aztec Stadium,

Azulcrema fans don’t forget where the player comes from Guadalajara And he was neither shy nor tired in criticizing every move of the left back.

This was the first game of Calderon More fans at the Colossus of Santa Ursula ‘were in charge of reminding’Twitch‘They have a bit of affection towards him, which is why he became the most criticized player on the field.

winged fans hooting ‘Chicot’ Calderon The entire time he was on the field his anger and irritation were heard more than even the scoldings from some opponents.

The footballer, who came on as a second-half substitute for Luis Fuentes against Querétaro, was shouted down on every cut ball, received pass and attempted overflow on the left field.

Calderon He made his debut with Águilas visiting Tijuana on matchday 1 and this Saturday he experienced his first home game. America,

Bad entry recorded at Azteca Stadium

The Apertura 2023 champions had their first home match in the new competition and fans booed their team as the entry recorded was far from being considered “good”.

Azulcrema ran a promotion for the cheapest seats by announcing a price of 2x$300. However, attendances in the stands in the upper area of ​​the building were low on Saturday night.

With five minutes left in the match, the stands of the building looked almost empty, as many fans decided to take shelter in the halls of the building due to the heavy rain that fell during the first half of the match.

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