Controversy erupts with VAR in Real Madrid vs Almeria

Three decisions of the referee conditioned the return of the merengue team against the basement team at the Santiago Bernabéu.

spanish whistler Francisco Jose Hernandez Was the hero in the 3-2 win real Madrid About that Almeria at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, since his decisions and Controversy what was with him VAR They took the show to the Spanish capital.

Francisco Jose Hernandez He was the target of criticism on the field, in the stands and on social networks, as he was not immune to Controversy He didn’t allow a goal after that Almeria And validated another score for Meringues which directly and clearly influenced the development of the game.

In the first example, real Madrid Withdrawal started with revised penalties in VAR, which left a previous foul by Rüdiger on the play which he interpreted as a handball. He later disallowed a goal from Sergio Arribas, when Almeria They were 1–2 up on the scoreboard and the score meant third for the visitors, a situation which would have been a big challenge for the team. madrid to come back

However, after leaving VARThe whistler decided to change his original marking as he believed there was a previous foul in midfield on Jude Bellingham, as he warned Dion Loppy for slapping the Englishman in the face when he stole a ball in midfield. Lee and ordered a counter-attack which ended in a goal.

a few minutes later a new one ControversySince then real Madrid The game was tied at two goals thanks to a score from Vinícius, who apparently finished with his arm at elbow height, but the goal was validated after review. VAR Assuming it was along the shoulder.

Finally, at the time of compensation, real Madrid Turned the game around and took three points brilliantly Controversy.

After the final whistle, the player of Almeria Mark Pabil blasted against refereeing: “Someone decided we couldn’t win here today.”

For his part, Mexican Cesar Montes was not part of the team due to injury, but he was active on social networks during the match.

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