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11-year-old Alejandro goes to the Plaza de San Vicente on time with his two hamsters, Cerveza and Papa, and his dog Luna. It is not the first time that on the Sunday after January 17, the feast of San Anton, he takes some of his pets outside the Basilica to receive the blessing of the saint, asking for their safety. Nearby we found Belen, Sandra and Amanda with their dog Zena, who was 15 years old and was well wrapped up in a frog sweatshirt so she wouldn’t get cold. Although this Sunday was, indeed, a wonderful day. After the cold of the night, a bright sun joined the initiative which, once again, was organized by the Friends of the Horse of Ávila Equestrian Association – in collaboration with the Ávila City Council and other companies – celebrating the Patron to the public. To encourage celebrating animals appropriately, asking for health, well-being and love for their animals.

Many dogs of all breeds, sizes and colors were seen, but also cats, hamsters, turtles and birds. Because there were some stuffed animals too whose little owners were ready to hand them over to the saint. Some in their baskets, cages and carts, some in their hands and some tied to leashes, very close to their owners, many of Ávila’s pets experienced their most special moment of the year this Sunday, in which they received the blessing of San Hua Antón, led by the parish priest of San Vicente, Fernando Gutiérrez. Some people felt nervous due to the presence of cameras, but most looked calm and confident.

However, the first people to meet the saint, and as tradition dictates, were horses again. Although there were people waiting long in advance, the procession began around two in the afternoon, with about a hundred horses parading in an orderly line through the Plaza de San Vicente and accompanied by riders of all ages, adults and children. They all had their bun prenão and were followed by a horse-cart and three carts drawn by oxen, coming from Navarreronda de Gredos, Las Navas del Marqués and Robledo de Chavelas. The cattle market was the beginning and end of a tour made through the city center, a tour that attracted all the attention of neighbors and visitors. It’s not every day that you see dozens of horses striding down the street in Ávila, let alone carriages.

After the horses’ moment, after the usual tug of war between people who had been waiting in line for more than half an hour and people who suddenly arrived, it was the turn of the domestic animals. In any case, attendance was very high and there were not buns for everyone. Pepe Vázquez Parada, one of the founders of the initiative and associate of the association, reported that the tradition was recovered in 1994 and that it was “satisfaction” to be able to maintain it, although he added that all the expenses “were borne by Association” and that you went as far as possible. He also wanted to make reference to the new animal welfare law, expressing regret that it “endangers the nature of pet animals” and Predicts a decline in the coming years.

At this time the number of animals was in hundreds. For some it was the first time, but others were experienced. We saw Leidy with her beautiful dog Jack, a husky that doesn’t go unnoticed, and Mary Cruz and Noemi with their two cats Manchitas and Luna, who had already visited on several occasions, and Their dog Estella, who was adopted and recently joined the family. , Baptism was also announced for us. Juan was Kira Jr.’s godfather and planned to throw candy at the latter.

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