Costco sells barista kits to make coffee like a pro, you only have to pay 1,600 pesos

He coffee It has become a favorite drink of many people and although today there are many chains that promise to sell the best drink In the market, these cannot be compared with products made from home method And to this end different artefacts are put up for sale which are intended to showcase a high quality coffee In the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for the right coffee maker for this, I have good news for you from the department store costco A kit is available to you containing everything you need to prepare good coffee,

Found the best barista kit on sale at Costco

how is that costco Presenting an unforgettable occasion with a combo that will leave coffee lovers in despair, this is a set home appliances from famous brand croupWhich includes a coffee maker, grinder and frother, available on sale Limited Time,

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These tools will help you improve your experience as a coffee lover.
Photo: Screenshot/Costco.

This trio of devices, which usually costs 2,299 pesos, is now down to just 1,699 pesos. This unique offer will be valid from 15th to 28th January this year or till supplies last, so it is advisable to purchase as soon as possible. (Click here to view the product).

According to the specifications on its website, Coffee maker It is made of stainless steel, offers a 10-cup capacity and includes a permanent washable filter and a measuring spoon, Its automatic function keeps the drink hot after filtering the coffee, providing comfort and quality in every cup. On the other end, coffee grinder And the spices included in the combo allow you to grind coffee beans In less than 10 seconds and can process up to 12 cups of fresh coffee, but it also offers the versatility grind dry fruitsHerbs and spices with a single touch.

Take advantage of this limited promotion and enhance your coffee experience with the quality and versatility of Krups products.
Photo: Screenshot/Costco.

ultimately pauna It is fully electric and adds a touch of finesse to your hot milk drinks, with a capacity of 150 ml, it is capable of making froth instantly, allowing you to enjoy Cappuccino Coffee Perfect and creamy from an irresistible coffee with milk, With this special offer, costco Giving you the opportunity to purchase the perfect combo to prepare your coffee like a true expert.

Why is it better to prepare your own coffee instead of buying it from outside?

Prepare yourself coffee Home lets you save money, especially if you invest in quality appliances coffee beans in bulk, but in addition it is possible to have complete control over its type CerealCoffee blend and strength, so you can customize each cup to your personal preferences, adjusting the amount coffeeType of milk and sweetness as per your choice.

Making coffee at home is convenient and saves you time, especially on busy mornings.
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In the same way, having your own Coffee maker At home you have the opportunity to experiment with different preparation methods, from the classic drip coffee maker to more sophisticated techniques. Specific Like AeroPress or French Press, it expands your options and allows you to search new flavors,

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