Costco warns about fake email scams

United States company Costco Wholesale Corporation reported that it has made changes to its customer membership. These changes are intended to prevent unfair practices and other illegalities by thieves.

The store chain’s new measures were not accepted by its customers. However, a new pirated version surfaced a few days ago that could harm Costco consumers.

The company’s directors announced the presence of active criminals through an email, which is not official.

These scammers are trying to steal people’s personal data and bank card information.

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A buyer of these supermarkets, named Michael Brown, condemned these criminal actions through an interview with a television channel. Mr. Brown, who has been a Costco member for more than 10 years, received a note informing him of his membership expiration.

In addition, the email informed about the possibility of extending the subscription status for three months free of charge. Membership of this corporation is updated automatically.

Michael Brown said the thieves were asking for bank cards and telephone numbers as well as home addresses. The user wanted to make sure and called Costco to find out his membership status. With this decision, Michael confirmed that the email was sent by malicious citizens.

Officials with the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office in California alerted the population on Thursday, February 15.

This notice was for Costco customers so that they do not become victims of these frauds. These officials advised residents to check their shopper membership over the phone or in Costco’s virtual space.

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