This way you can strengthen your glutes without moving and without weights

There are many methods and exercises to strengthen the gluteal area, among them the glute or hip lift or deadlift, but there are more options. Our instructor teaches you a very interesting static exercise.

Strengthening the glutes is not just a matter of aesthetics. Strengthening this area can help us prevent knee, ankle, hip and back injuries.

There are many exercises that work to strengthen the glutes such as weighted deadlift, weightless deadlift, glute bridge, sit through… but they are all made in motion And, in some or most of them, its execution requires a weight, a dumbbell or dumbbells.

In this video, our personal trainer explains a new exercise to strengthen the gluteal area without any movement, statically and with breathing. You will need only 5 minutes a day to do this.

step by step exercise

To do this exercise you do not need any kind of material, only your body is needed.

  • The first step is to get into a one-legged deadlift position.
  • We will bend with our hands loose, not at the waist, and with the heel of the back foot raised.
  • The next step is to move the shoulder of the opposite leg to the front to apply force to the gluteus part. If we can lean back in that position, we will see more of the effect of the exercise and the gluteus area will be strengthened.

  • The idea is to keep it Asana for one minute.
  • The next level is to maintain the same posture but with the front heel touching the ground. In this position there will be less stability so the exercise will be even more effective.
  • The idea, like the previous one, is to maintain this posture for one minute.

All these exercises work on their own strength exercises with your body But they can also be used to warm up before other exercises.

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