Violence increasing in Haiti: Leader of main gang vows to overthrow government

Violence is on the rise in Haiti: Leader of main gang promises to fight against government with more attacks across the country (EFE)

wave of violence haiti is increasing, now the main gang leader is promising to fight against the government arel henry and the institutions that respond to it, to the extent of achieving overthrow him,

Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier He said this Friday that he would not stop his efforts to remove the President from office and asked people to stay off the streets to avoid unwanted consequences as a result of the attacks.

“The fight will last as long as necessary, we will continue to fight Ariel Henry, To avoid collateral damage, keep the children at home,” said the former police officer, who in 2022 became the leader of the largest gang alliance to seize the country’s peace during a blockade of an oil terminal. United Nations and United States Department of the Treasury.

Cherizier declared that the fight could last a long time and it would not be an easy task (Reuters)

These warnings were given a few days later, on 7 February. Henry will refuse to leave the government As established in the political agreement reached two years ago following the death of the then President, jovenel moise,

Despite repeated calls for his resignation, the President remained steadfast in his position and assured that “as soon as the security problem begins to be resolved, we will launch an electoral process at all costs to hand over power to leaders whom the Haitian people love.” Will have to be handed over.” Choose among good elections”, which may be held before August 31, 2025.

“The main function of a transitional government is Create conditions to be able to hold elections To give the Haitian people the legitimate right to freely choose the men and women to whom they wish to entrust the leadership of the country at all levels,” he added in his ten-minute speech that day. However, he also criticized political radicalism and international Avoided mentioning the agreement reached with the community.

Henry remains in office despite the deal and a promise to call elections in 2022 if conditions are right (AP)

Instead, they focused on the need to achieve goals. send an international force To allow the country to intervene and restore peace. In recent hours, during a conference in Nairobi, Henry asked the United Nations to step up its efforts to achieve “international cooperation to restore physical peace for our economic development”, to which the Secretary-General’s spokesman Stephen Dujarruk had already replied. Approval has been given to send 1,500 troops for the Kenya-led Multinational Security Assistance Mission,

However, even when these statements were being made at the diplomatic level, the attacks on the Central American island did not stop. Thursday, four police officers killed In a shooting attack in Port-au-Prince.

The gang members opened fire at several targets including police stations and even the international airport. Their objective, Charizier explained, was to capture the police chief, government ministers, and to prevent Henry from returning to the country.

“The situation yesterday was terrible. The center of the city was at war.”said a neighbor who witnessed dozens of people fleeing communities, campuses and schools.

This Thursday, 4 police officers were killed in an attack by gang members (Reuters)

This Friday, the morning was seen in a calm atmosphere in the capital, people were fearfully trying to return to their daily routine. However, the National Police announced a protest for the afternoon in protest against the deaths of four of their colleagues.

Spokesman Gary Desrosiers claimed, “The police need more equipment to cope with the situation,” adding that, in general, these criminal gangs are outnumbered by officers and outnumbered by guns.

(With information from AP, EFE and Reuters)

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