‘Cowellmania’ breaks out as Chivas arrives in CDMX

Flock fans had a party in Terminal 1 and striker Cade Cowell got the most applause.

He Mexico City International Airport Dressed in red and white for three and a half hours with hundreds of fans Guadalajara who gathered to welcome the team and show their support for the game against them blue Cross Which will be held at the Azteca Stadium.

Terminal 1 of AICM They had a party and the Mexican-American striker got the most applause cad cowellWho allowed himself to love and experience for the first time, the passion that is felt for the Guadalajara team in the country’s capital.

With the flight delayed for more than two hours, the players came out and heard slogans, screams of support and requests from fans who were happy to see their favorite football players, if only for a few seconds.

Cowell It was the most celebrated and the one to take the cake. The American team spent the entire time recording the reception and smiling at the number of people celebrating and asking for photos. Some team fans arrive with hats to celebrate their “Cowboys” Cowell,

cad He smiled, walked as fast as he could and even took time to take a few photos with people, as the team security element and members of the bar acting as escorts wanted the football players to move quickly.

Players such as Antonio Briseno and Roberto ‘Piozo’ Alvarado also joined the party and encouraged the more than 300 fans who were on the ground floor by singing and jumping amid drums, trumpets, confetti and flags flying in the background. High.

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