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Kanye West and Bianca Sensori exit their Paris hotel at the Decathlon. (Paris, February 28, 2024.)
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The American rapper was photographed in Paris wearing the French brand from head to toe. It is enough for the brand to respond on social networks.

Fashion week is often synonymous with sensationalism, especially among celebrities who use fashion week to try everything possible. This was the case with Kanye West, who was photographed leaving a hotel in Paris on September 28 wearing a Bianca Sensori T-shirt. If her partner opted for a long black leather coat, which she wore next to her skin, the American rapper opted for a total black look: a hooded jacket and black pants with reflective stripes, boots and shoes of the same shade Balaclava. A stunning set, even more so when you realize it’s by Decathlon.

Kanye West at the Decathlon and Bianca Censori in Paris. (Paris, February 28, 2024.)
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Cowboy’s response

The jacket is on sale for 90 euros on the Decathlon website, the water-repellent pants are no more than 45 euros. Rarely has Kanye West been photographed wearing such “accessible” clothes, whose fortunes are speculated accordingly forbes At 400 million euros. That’s enough to make the French brand respond on X (formerly Twitter). Is”Juul was the first to do this» (Juul did it first in French), the brand’s brief comment in a post viewed by more than 2 million users.

A reference to French rapper Joule, who in 2019 proudly wore the Kalenji jacket, a decathlon brand specializing in running. Four years ago, he created a stock shortage after the release of his music video y shaped In which he is wearing a down jacket worth 40 euros. A post that was largely validated by Juul’s community. “Juul is better than Kanye”, “Juul did this to free the youth from not wearing big brands”, “Decade influences the world”, these are all comments that are flying around about X.

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