The government of Mexico gives priority not to carry accessories or beards to resume work activities

Hector Vivas via Getty Images The news regarding the coronavirus is updated every day, and in Mexico —a country where the population is in quarantine— recently spoke of the “New Normal”: a plan for citizens to regain gradually its activities without neglecting the preventive measures. With a tentative date to lift the quarantine in each … Read more

Tom Holland confesses that he had stolen several accessories Spider-Man

Tom Holland, the protagonist and interpreter of Spider-Man, confessed in an interview that your house is full of accessories from the movies of the Marvel character that has been interpreted and the study know nothing of this about it. But that is not all, he said he used to take objects and accessories for the … Read more

The expensive collection of accessories that have Stormi to her two years

Stormi you have a life full of luxury, for his young age already has an exclusive and expensive collection of accessories… Although barely 2 years old, Stormi from very small has been collecting amazing accessories that has been received as a gift by his famous parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. Czech the incredible collection … Read more