Creation of medical schools: ”Coons has failed in authority” – National

This week, the National Council of Higher Education (CoES), at its general session, decided to temporarily suspend the authorization of new medical science courses. Colorado Senator Gustavo Leite assured that it was a failure.

resolution that temporarily suspended to activate new careers of the area Health was generally approved by National Council of Higher Education (CONE) and is considered as a failure by senator gustavo leiteFormer Industry Minister.

Coons announced that next week he would be analyzing the points specifically in the next session. Are Eight new careers in the pipeline He was stopped Because of this resolution.

The MP said this Coins authorization has failed “and this too National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (AENIES) Because there was no control over self-regulation.”

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It proposes that their development Conditions and Hospitals With adequate facilities for each university Operate efficiently.

,everyone gets a chance But comply with the rules, because it is Slamming the Market for Mediocre Profits And it doesn’t make any sense,” he highlighted.

Paraguay missed opportunities

“We are missing opportunities. Instead of 9,000 garage studentspassed 100,000 high-level students and that five or six Paraguay’s cities are universitiesLike in the United States, where they live in their university,” he said.

He further said that these are decisions that must be fought, Without endangering the flag of freedom.

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