Cruces Hospital launches nuclear medicine service with state-of-the-art technology

Cruces Hospital launches nuclear medicine service with state-of-the-art technologyerekia

Cruces Hospital has completed its restructuring and expansion nuclear medicine serviceR is a modern facility meeting the times, with “state-of-the-art” diagnostic imaging technology. To achieve this, Osakidetza has invested an amount of EUR 8.4 million over the last five years.

The renewal of the Nuclear Medicine Service’s space and equipment has “contributed significantly to more accurate and earlier diagnoses, increased diagnostic imaging capacity and improved care delivered to more people.” 14,000 patients, comprehensive and personalized care“, as highlighted by the Health Department.

This service, which primarily serves patients Oncology, Pulmonology and HematologyRecent years have seen significant growth, Salud said, allowing more tests to be conducted and more patients to be treated.

Cruces Hospital launches a renewed nuclear medicine service

In 2023, a significant increase is seen in the number of tests conducted 38,000 tests that year Compared to 31,000 tests in 2022; And the number of patients treated is expected to increase from 13,000 people in 2022 to about 14,500 in 2023.

diagnostic imaging

The five diagnostic imaging machines that make up the service have been replaced with state-of-the-art equipment. Thanks to this cutting edge technology, Salud highlights that imaging has improved the efficiency of diagnosis, health outcomes and patient safety, contributing to “more accurate and earlier” diagnosis of the disease. In particular, Osakidetza has established three new SPECT-CT Gamma Camera Equipment And 2 new digital PET CT machines.

Digital PET represents a significant increase in the quality of the image obtained, enabling better diagnosis of the pathology of those treated. Also, it reduces the activity of the radiopharmaceutical to be injected by up to 50%, which means less radiation for both patients and professionals, in addition to reducing testing time, for the benefit of users, the ministry said. Explained.

For its part, the gamma camera is an advanced technology to carry out selected examinations, which allows to obtain more accurate information from more complex organs and anatomical structures such as the heart, spine, pelvis or brain, Health has explained in detail.

expansion of space

With the reorganization and expansion of the service, three completely renovated spaces have been created: the conventional nuclear medicine unit, the PET-CT unit and the office and reporting room area, receiving reception space for the patient and family room.

In addition, new isolation rooms have been created for the metabolic therapy area on the second A floor of the hospital, which will improve comfort and emergency medical care during admission.


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