Cruising in the Caribbean or Europe?


currency exchange and cash

Now you can pay by card even for soft drinks. However, in both Europe and the Caribbean, carry cash with you that you’ll need for tips and some public transportation, as well as small purchases at the many local markets. While there are several types of currencies in the Caribbean, such as the Eastern Caribbean dollar, dollars are always accepted in Europe. There are also places where they don’t even accept Euros, like Norway and Iceland.


air cost

Although you can sometimes depart from San Juan, many tours depart from Florida with cheaper airfares and shorter travel times than Europe. Although you can find cruises to Europe at great prices, tickets stretch your budget dramatically. Look for deals, buy them in advance, and if you’re willing to stop by multiple times, you may get better prices. Also consider a local agency travel package, which may also include air travel.


add other expenses

Arrive at least a day early, and a full two days if possible. Flights to Europe are rare, require connections and can be delayed. You should never risk arriving on the same day as the cruise. Add to your budget: hotels, transportation to ports, which may be far; Food and accommodation expenses. But by being able to travel before or after the trip, you can travel to other destinations by paying for a single ticket (it’s like having two holidays in one).


ports are different

In Europe, unlike the Caribbean, ships stay in ports much longer, usually until 5:00 pm or earlier. In Europe they also have overnight stays, staying in the same port until the next day, which is a great opportunity to fully enjoy the destination and the nightlife.


tiring journey

In Caribbean ports you can stay only for a few hours and quickly return to the ship to enjoy it all. Even if you visit a port every day, there is always room to rest. In Europe, you’ll leave the ship very early, and usually return very late, tired from walking and roads, and sometimes you’ll rush to your cabin to order room service to avoid dinner at a restaurant. . If your itinerary has multiple ports to visit, you may miss seeing some, as you will need to “recharge your batteries” and enjoy the ship.



In Europe they are much longer, sometimes all day, and usually more expensive. In the Caribbean, especially our frequent travelers, there are repeat destinations, and many decide to stay around the port, with a nearby town usually within walking distance. In Europe, some towns are very far from the cities, such as Rome, which is in Civitavecchia, an hour away from the city, or London, which is in Southampton, more than an hour away. Plus, there are so many things to see that it’s hard to choose.


ground transportation

In Europe, a great alternative are double-decker buses, which take you to the main tourist attractions, and you can get on and off wherever you want. Private transport, especially taxis, are generally very expensive. Almost all European cities have these buses, which are quite affordable, although they do not include admission to attractions. In Caribbean ports, public transportation is almost all open safari-type vehicles (they are economical). Keep in mind the many hills and narrow roads in places like St. Thomas, St. Maarten or Barbados, among other islands. Unlike years ago, public transportation in the Caribbean is very well organized, with fixed prices and authorized vehicles that you can hire right from the port.


time and sea

In the Caribbean, the weather and sea are fairly similar throughout the year; This is changing in Europe. Although interestingly the Caribbean Sea can be rougher than many people think, good sailing can at least be predicted with good weather. In Europe, the Mediterranean Sea is usually calm during the summer, but in winter and autumn, when there are more boat options than a few years ago, it can be intense. The same happens with the North Sea, an arm of the Atlantic, between the coasts of Norway and Denmark. In summer it can be very cool, in winter it can be stormy. If you suffer from motion sickness, consider traveling to this area only in the summer.

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