Cruz Azul changed the venue of the match against the request of Chivas SSC

Cruz Azul will play at the Azteca stadium match against chivas by a petition of Civil Defense SecretaryBecause this match will be played very close to another big event next Saturday, March 2 Alejandro Fernandez concert at Plaza Mexico,

Closing in 2024 Being a property adjacent to the machine’s home, the agency made it petition formal so that, in first instance, date will be changed,

The television station did not allow the date to be changed.

blue Cross request acceptedSince he intended to continue playing at home, where he has done since 2024, he contacted television station who broadcasts his home games He said it’s not possible Make this amendment due to business commitments that were already agreed upon.

so, Change of headquarters was resorted toWhich indicates more income in terms of box office, but also means more expenses in terms of operations.

Noche Buena Neighborhood Stadium Take 36 thousand capacity the audience, while Colossus of St. Ursula almost double this figure 83 thousand Fans at full capacity; However, operating expenses at Azteca are varied and high.

In the same sense, Liga MX informed of through a press release that The match will be played at Azteca Stadium And not at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, with Willingness to guarantee order And peace of the fans.

“With the aim of creating the best possible conditions in the family environment, Civil Defense Secretary Mexico City Government (SSC) has requested Officially on Liga MX Change of headquarters of the Cruz Azul-Chivas match Matchday 10 of the 2024 Clausura tournament, which will take place at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium”

It should be noted that Around Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium and Plaza Mexico It has no dedicated parking space.So attendees at these properties who have cars will have to find space on nearby streets, which complicates the logistics when the two events come together.

“This is due to Coincidence between match and concert by Alejandro Fernández which will take place at the Plaza de Toros on the same date and time, which Makes road and safety equipment impractical For the expected number of attendees and for the entry and exit roads, both of which share space”

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