Cruz Azul: FIFA authorizes the signing of Jorge Sanchez; The agreement with Porto remains in place

Sources confirmed to ESPN that the defender wants to wear the light blue shirt, however, the Portuguese club does not want to end the loan early.

porto This is the only obstacle that must be overcome george sanchez become a new player blue CrossOne week after registration closes in Liga MX,

Three sources were consulted espn Confirmed as FIFA authorized blue Cross To carry out the definitive transfer of the Mexican team, but both sources insist that there is still no agreement porto To complete the operation.

FIFA has officially extended approval for this george sanchez can play with blue Cross, Given that the two games in which the Mexican full-back came on the bench ajax At the beginning of the 2023–24 season, on August 12 and 19, 2023, they are not counted as official matches played because the player did not have minutes on the field, as he remained as a substitute without being used.

“We are negotiating porto“, said to espn One of the informants advised, while another source insisted that the Portuguese team does not want to get rid of the 26-year-old right-back, a situation that both boards of directors blue Cross as a representative of sanchez And the player himself wants to unblock as quickly as possible.

espn Last Wednesday, January 17, this proposal was put forward blue Cross put on the table ajaxowner of the player’s federal rights, and of portowith whom george sanchez Its current contract on loan with option to purchase is till June 30.

According to sources consulted through this medium, while ajax ready to sell sanchez This figure is close to the same 5 million euros that he paid America By footballer in August 2022, porto don’t want to get rid of george sanchez Due to the high probability that the Portuguese club will sell the team’s starting player João Mário in the summer, the Mexican is considered as his replacement in the short and medium term.

,porto He doesn’t want to let him go because apart from receiving money in return, he has no interest in clearing the loan quickly. george wants to play with blue Cross And every possible effort is being made to get it out, but no consensus has been reached yet because porto “He doesn’t want to let her out,” said a second source. espn,

However, a third source is more optimistic sanchez He had already expressed to his club his desire to return to Mexico and play with blue Cross,

“I believe it will be closed in less than a week because everything is already very advanced and the players have already asked to be let go. You just have to wait,” he commented.

closing the records of Liga MX It’s next Thursday, February 1 at 5:00 pm. in central Mexico, while for most European leagues it is a day earlier, on January 31, at 11:59 p.m. From London.

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