Cruz Azul returned against America in a friendly match

the game is over! Cruz Azul beats US by scoring in friendly Classic Youth

Final score: América 2-3 Cruz Azul

Minute 94: Yellow card! Lorenzo Piovi is warned for a foul on Javario Dilrosun

Minute 82: Cruz Azul change

Out: Villar Ditta and Alexis Gutierrez

Enter: Raymundo Rubio and Luis Garcia

Minute 81: America’s transformation

Out: Luis Fuentes and Miguel Ramirez.

Enter: Roman Martínez and Miguel Martínez

Minute 79: Yellow card! Miguel Ramirez has been reprimanded for a foul on Eric Lira

Minute 76: Yellow card! Cristian Calderon has been reprimanded for complaining to the referee

Minute 69: Cruz Azul change

Minute 65: Hard hit by Camilo Cândido on Kevin Álvarez, who goes inside the area but the referee marks it out.

Minute 60: Changes in America

Out: Jonathan dos Santos and Alejandro Zendejas

Enter: Santiago Naveda and Chicote Calderón

Minute 56: GOOOOOOL from Cruz Azul! After a pass from Camilo Cândido, Rodolfo Rotondi turned the game around with a shot at the far post by Oscar Jiménez.

Current score: América 2-3 Cruz Azul

Minute 49: Gool from Cruz Azul! Rodolfo Rotondi equalized the game in a game in which he was in the area, taking a strong shot at the top of the goal that gave Oscar Jiménez no chance.

Current score: América 2-2 Cruz Azul

Minute 48: Shot from outside the area by Rodolfo Rotondi, saved by Oscar Jimenez. There is a counter shot by Carlos Salcedo but the goalkeeper again saves.

Minute 46: Cruz Azul center who was close to being finished by Gonzalo Piovi, although it saved the finish line.

The meeting resumes! The second part starts at the Dignity Health Sports Park between América and Cruz Azul

The first part is over! The activities of the first half in the Young Classic ended with the advantage of Águilas over Cementeros.

Current score: América 2-1 Cruz Azul

Minute 46: Long-range shot by Rodolfo Rotondi which ends up hitting the crossbar and does not enter the goal.

Minute 43: Miguel Ramírez overflows the left, throws a pass to Salvador Reyes, who hits the goal, is deflected by a defender and comes close to his own goal.

Minute 36: Yellow card! Willier Ditta has been warned for a foul on Alejandro Zendejas.

Minute 35: Rodolfo Rotondi’s center looks for Angel Sepúlveda, but the defense ends up making a cut, although a foul was called.

Minute 31: America’s transformation

Minute 28: Both teams continue their efforts with the ball, but they are not successful in reaching the opponent’s goal.

Current score: América 2-1 Cruz Azul

Minute 17: Gooooool for America! Álvaro Fidalgo put Aguilas ahead again after a center from Kevin Álvarez was poorly cleared by the Cruz Azul defence.

Current score: América 2-1 Cruz Azul

Minute 15: Camilo Candido took a long-range shot, but goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez was alert and converted it into a corner kick.

Minute 10: Gool from Cruz Azul! Angel Sepúlveda immediately tied the game, in a play where he was one-on-one with Oscar Jiménez, whom he cut down so he only had to push the ball.

Current score: América 1-1 Cruz Azul

Minute 9: Gooooool for America! Elian Hernandez took the lead for Aguilas by pushing the ball in after a series of rebounds in the Cruz Azul area.

Current score: América 1-0 Cruz Azul

Minute 7: America has control of the ball but could not reach the opponent’s goal.

Minute 2: Play stopped because the field was invaded by balloons

the game begins! Activities kicked off at the Dignity Health Sports Park for the friendly match between América and Cruz Azul.

Party Lineup:

America: Oscar Jimenez, Kevin Alvarez, Nestor Araujo, Luis Fuentes, Salvador Reyes, Jonathan dos Santos, Richard Sanchez, Alvaro Fidalgo, Alejandro Zendejas, Javero Dilrosan, Elian Hernandez. DT. andre jardin

blue Cross: Andres Gudillo, Carlos Salcedo, Willier Ditta, Eric Lira, Lorenzo Faravelli, Angel Sepulveda, Camilo Candido, Alexis Gutierrez, Ignacio Rivero, Carlos Rotondi, Gonzalo Piovi. DT. martin anselmi

The Celeste Machine will be looking for its second win in the competition; While the Eagles with blue-cream parentage on cement workers. (Art: Jovani Perez)

America And blue Cross will face each other in youth classic In a friendly match during a FIFA date from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson. Both clubs will be without their best players, as some of them are with their national team or will be rested.

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