Cuban customs will charge this much for car imports in 2024

How much will Cuban customs charge for car imports in 2024? The first thing that should be clear is that to import motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, bodies, cabins, chassis and frames of motorcycles for commercial purposes into Cuba, legal entities require authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Trade. foreign investment, and which comply with the technical requirements established by the Ministry of Transport.

As a natural person resident in Cuba you may only import certain items with you, as part of unaccompanied baggage or through shipment. For example, mopeds and electric motorcycles, motor vehicle parts and accessories, tires and rims, light trailers.

Only commercial companies that have legal authorization and that are legal entities in Cuba may import motor vehicles that do not run on electricity, such as combustion cars. That is, as a natural person you must import a car to the island through an agency permitted to do so.

If you are a natural person, you can import electric motors and their accessories only when replacing or refurbishing a combustion engine vehicle and converting it to electric.

Cuban Customs and Car Import

There are several companies from Miami that are in charge of these car shipments to Cuba. For example, in December last year, Marvana Cargo, a US government-licensed entity, talked about Cuban customs costs for importing cars.

The company’s founder, Cuban-American Alejandro Martínez, then shared details of the process and the costs involved on his social networks. Among the highest expenses are payments to Cuban customs for the import of vehicles, which vary depending on the type, year and other characteristics of each car.

Martínez confirmed that the price could range from $20,000 to $56,000 for each unit, and he did not know the exact criteria Customs used to calculate it.

From the Marwana company they indicate that they earn approximately $8,000 for each vehicle exported to Cuba, which includes transportation costs, insurance, management and profit margin.

The executive stressed that the Cuban government does not charge a fixed rate for shipping and that he did not know how the Customs Department calculated the exact price charged on importing cars into Cuba. But the value this businessman offered can guide those interested.

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