OCD or discipline? This is why people feel good emotionally when cleaning their house.

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it appears that Clean the house It’s an activity just like any other, but, for some people, it has more meaning, because it’s a moment of rest which, on many occasions, creates a great sensation Pleasure and of emotional well-being Which cannot be found in any other aspect of life. If this is your case, here’s what you should know There is a scientific explanation behind this and here we tell you about it,

The accumulation of dust and dirt in the house, for a large number of people, is impossible to imagine, so when the time of cleaning comes, it is an important moment of relaxation, because there is a desire to look at everything and organize something. Matchless; More than an obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, it’s an exercise in discipline,


Are you looking for emotional well-being? Believe it or not, house cleaning can be a great solution

A study conducted by a neuropsychologist named diane roberts stoller and published in psychology today reveals about something Positive aspects of cleaning the houseWhich in turn, provides a good dose of emotional well-beingAnd the next ones are:

  • Cleanliness increases self-esteem
  • form healthy habits
  • increase productivity

On the other hand, according to diane roberts stoller, have a clean house Improves sleep quality, mood And gives a very relaxing feeling.

Now, these are not all the benefits of this simple activity; in cases of healthinessPrevents the presence of mites, mold and fungal infections, and Less likely to suffer from asthma or allergies,

Another important fact found in this study is that, for People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) This is a good activity to generate Discipline And healthy habitsSince it implies a real challenge.


Now you know what its habit is Clean the house It is beyond a simple household task, but rather an activity capable of generating joy. emotional well-being People’s. So, the next time you have to clean the house, play some music, take your time and just enjoy the moment.

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