Cuban prisoner who claimed to be an inspector involved in a Havana fair scam

Havana authorities arrested a woman who posed as a provincial inspector to defraud sellers at a trade fair.

Yanet Lazara Díaz Álvarez, whose identity card was published on Facebook by a spokesperson for the Provincial Inspection Directorate, was arrested in Marianao in late December on charges of defrauding and defrauding fairgoers from whom she asked for money Were.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

According to information, the Inspection Directorate detected Díaz Álvarez at the fair, who to commit the crime wore a vest that originally belonged to transport inspectors, with the inscription “Inspectora DIS Provincial”.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

As of 2021, DIS (abbreviation of the former Directorate for Comprehensive Supervision) no longer exists.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

“Through prompt joint action with the PNR, the citizen was taken to the Sixth Police Station of Marianao and complaint number 99090/23 was filed against him for the crime of usurpation of public functions provided for in Article 19 of the Penal Code ” “Note Description.

Facebook Capture/Dip Communicator

Amidst the serious economic crisis the country is going through, cases of scams and frauds have increased.

Last July, authorities arrested a The person who used the identity document to impersonate an inspector of the Comprehensive Provincial Directorate Supervision and Control (DISC) in Havana.

The Municipal Assembly of Popular Power of Central Havana indicated that he was caught “with false identity documents and fraudulent behavior”.

After being discovered, he was transferred to Zanja Police Station for processing.

Images released by the source showed photos from the moment of the arrest, as well as the card the man was using.

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