Scream 7: “A dream turned into a nightmare”…after Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera director left the film! – Cinema News

Clearly, the Scream 7 project is racking up disappointments. After the departure of its two lead actresses, it is the director’s turn to close the door on the project.

Following the firing of Melissa Barrera and the departure of Jenna Ortega following her positions in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the Scream 7 project was in serious decline. Today, we learned that its director, Christopher Landon, who is the writer of the sixth part, is closing the door on the project.

This is a fresh blow to the franchise, which was already without its star Neve Campbell absent from No. 6.

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to do the next Scream film. I felt that the offer presented did not match the value I brought to the franchise. This was a very difficult decision.

As a woman, I have had to work very hard in my career to establish my worth, especially when it comes to Scream.”She asked for an explanation about her refusal to play in the sixth episode.

After all these failures, director Christopher Landon decided to bow out. “I think this is the right time to announce that I have left scream 7 for several weeks”The director was admitted on 23 December.

“This may disappoint some of you and please others. This was a dream job, it has turned into a nightmare. My heart breaks for everyone involved. Everyone.”He expressed his condolences.

“But now it’s time to move on. I have nothing more to contribute to the debate except that I hope the legacy Wes Craven Thrive and rise above the chaos of a divided world. He kevin williamson And he created something incredible and I was honored to be able to enjoy his talent even for a brief moment.He added.

Neve Campbell headed for a comeback?

At the moment, we do not know the successor to Christopher Landon, the project is on hold. However, it has not been officially canceled either. Will production agree to increase Neve Campbell’s salary so that the original actress will agree to reprise her role?

This is one of the routes that has been considered Diversity, Part 7 may once again focus on Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox). In Scream VI, Gale reveals that Sidney has moved with his family elsewhere and we learn, at the end of the film, that the journalist survived Ghostface’s attack.

According to American media, one of these options would be to bring back Patrick Dempsey. The latter played Detective Mark Kincaid in Wes Craven’s Scream 3 in 2000.

Patrick Dempsey, voted the world’s sexiest man in 2023 by People magazine, has not been seen again on screen since the third installment of the franchise, but his name was mentioned in Scream 5 as his character’s marriage to Sidney Prescott. Has happened since.

So Scream 7 could lead to a new conflict between Ghostface, Sydney, Mark, and Gail. But this is only speculation as no talks have started with the actors.

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