Cuban tried to rob a mipime in Havana

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Thursday 18 January 2024

The attempted robbery in Mipaime was recorded on camera. Cubans have shared video of what they witnessed at a location near Toyo’s famous Havana corner.

In the pictures you can see how a person takes advantage of two employees present on the site and tries to escape with an object, but other employees immediately arrive and manage to stop him.

Violent incidents have increased in Cuba over the past few months, including forceful attacks and robberies.

Some of these crimes are also committed in large state-owned companies, as was the case last August with the theft of five quintals of seeds from Sancti Spiritus’ Base Business Unit (UEB) Frigorifico 800, for which at least eight Cubans are now responsible.

Six of these individuals were charged with the crime of robbery by force, which is provided for in Article 416, Section 3, Subsection B of the current Penal Code, a framework sanctioning, for aggravating circumstances, imprisonment of between seven and 15 years. with. Freedom; While two other site personnel will be prosecuted for helping enter the site.

The incident took place on August 28, involving six people, who had the consent of two custodial employees of the place, “carrying 5.75 quintals of Caribe 71 onion seeds and 18 kg of onion seeds” that entered the refrigerator through her house like Pedro’s. And went away. Cabbage-cabbage.”

A report from local media Escambre stated that “six direct defendants admitted their participation in the robbery; “In fact, 5.34 quintals of onion seeds and 26 packages of cabbage seeds were recovered during the investigation process.”

“The seeds were found in the bushes of a farm where they were hidden without observing refrigeration measures, therefore, once they were returned to the relevant institutions and laboratory analyzed, it was determined that they had lost their germination. , which brought with it an impact of 1,508,204 pesos on the country’s economy,” he said.

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