Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Photo: Reuters.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky criticized the delay in arms supplies to Kiev in a video this Saturday, assuring that it is “impossible” to understand and forget the behavior of allies.

“Ukraine asked for no more than was necessary to protect life. When lives are lost and partners limit themselves to internal political games or disputes that restrict our defense, it is impossible to understand this. is unacceptable. And it will be impossible to forget, the world will remember.”, the President declared.

The United States Congress has been discussing a project for an approximately $60 billion aid package for Ukraine for months. House and Senate leaders reached an agreement on Wednesday on new short-term stopgap spending aimed at averting a partial shutdown of the US government. However, the fate of the funds for Kiev is still uncertain.

Since the beginning of the funding impasse, Zelensky has warned his Western allies on more than one occasion that without Washington’s help Ukraine would lose the conflict.

(Taken from RT in Spanish)

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