The end-to-end test successfully demonstrated the capability of the LDEW against maritime and air targets. Image: DefenseHQ/X.

The British Ministry of Defense has made public new images Dragon FireA long-range laser energy weapon system, which has proven capable of striking with precision “No visible purpose” At a distance of up to one kilometer. battle test of Dragon FireThe trial, conducted at the Ministry of Defence’s Hebrides Range in Scotland in January, showed its effectiveness and its potential to transform the country’s defence.

The British laser developed by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory has been hailed as a revolutionary weapon due to its ability to attack targets with extreme accuracy. According to local reports, Dragonfire may have hit “To a coin located a kilometer away.” End-to-end testing demonstrated its effectiveness against maritime and air targets at various distances, altitudes and speeds.

Highlights the important benefits offered by the Ministry of Defense Dragon Fire, such as reducing logistics, costs and collateral damage in military operations. It is expected that this weapon system can be used both on land and at sea, including the ability to engage coastal attack ships, unmanned aerial systems and infrared sensors if necessary.

Computer-generated videos have been released showing how Dragon Fire On a warship of the Royal Naval Navy. Integration of LDEW units onto warships is expected to begin in the early 2030s. Currently, the system Dragon Fire It is in storage while additional testing is conducted and work is done on a more compact design suitable for military environments.

(With information from RT Español)

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