Perrie Edwards solo music: everything we know so far

perrie edwards solo music

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Posting a clip on her Perry HQ account, and revealing images from a new solo photoshoot in the process, Perry threw down the gauntlet to Mariah Carey by enthusiastically declaring: “It’s time!”

On Instagram Stories, Perry said: “Hello everyone, welcome to Perry HQ. It’s going to be run by my absolutely amazing team, and if I remember my password I’ll be back again and again, you know what I’m like. to do.

“Make sure you come back here for updates and all my stuff! Love you guys.”

Commenting beneath a post titled ‘Perrie’, her bandmate Leigh-Anne commented “Let’s go,” while Jade responded with a heart emoji.

So, what do we know about Perry’s solo music so far?

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What is Perrie Edwards’ first single called?

Perry’s debut solo single is titled Forget About Us.

When will Perrie Edwards’ ‘Forget About Us’ be released?

Although there is no official date for Perry’s debut single yet, you can expect an announcement soon.

What is Ed Sheeran’s involvement in Perry’s first solo single?

Ed Sheeran initially sent Perry what would be her first single, telling her: “This is your first single.” Since then, Perry has worked on the song’s lyrics to make them more personal to her.

Considering that Ed originally wrote the smash single Shape of You with Little Mix in mind, this is very promising news indeed.

When is Perrie Edwards’ solo album released?

Again, no news yet, however we will update you as soon as any news comes.

What have fans said about Perrie Edwards’ solo music?

In February 2024, Perry held a special listening party for some of her fans – collectively known as ‘Auras’ – in London.

Perry treated fans to three brand new songs; One ‘really sad big song’ and two ‘upbeat dance songs.’ One lucky attendee described Perry’s first single as ‘very catchy’ and ‘radio friendly’.

In the reel posted on Perry’s official Instagram, fans hailed Perry’s content as ‘phenomenal’, ‘unique’, ‘diverse’, ‘excellent’ and ‘beautiful’.

What songs has Perrie Edwards teased so far?

Perry has so far teased two songs from her upcoming solo material on social media. One track includes the line “I don’t want you to ever forget about us,” while another has the lyrics “It’s the way you pull me closer.”


Listen to the teaser for Perrie Edwards’ solo single – Intro – here:

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What would Perry Edwards’ solo music sound like?

There has been much conversation about what styles Perry would explore as a solo artist, especially given the list of songwriters and producers she worked with on the project; From Fred then… to pop supremo Steve Mac.

Speaking exclusively to Official Charts in 2022, Perry revealed: “It’s all going really well, I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with different sounds. It’s really cool.”

On reports that Olivia Rodrigo had inspired her solo sound, Perry said: “Well she’s incredible, great reference. But yeah, it’s just music that I love to make. I just want to make that music. I do what I like.”

perrie edwards solo music

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What did Camille say about Perrie Edwards and Little Mix’s solo music?

Speaking to Official Charts in 2022, Little Mix’s frequent collaborator Camille said: “There are so many things (Little Mix) are interested in, I couldn’t pinpoint it to one (sound).

“The best thing right now is that we’re having fun exploring. Hearing their voices on things you don’t normally hear just sends me on. It’s very, very exciting to me. Can you imagine? “Just one thing with them, as someone who is used to doing this? I couldn’t even figure it out, but I know it would blow everyone’s mind.”

Which artists have inspired Perrie Edwards’s solo music?

Uploading a playlist to Spotify, Perry explains that Harry Styles’ Adore You, Joji’s Glimpse of Us, Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone and Bruno Mars’ Chunky have inspired her solo material.

The flavor really jumped out.

What did Perrie Edwards say about her solo music?

Perry revealed on Instagram in November 2023: “I’ve met some incredible writers, incredible producers; people I’ve never worked with before. It’s been really fun, I’ve loved it.

“It’s been a very different process being in a band. I think it’s brought me out of my shell; I used to use (Jade and Leigh-Anne) as my comfort blanket in the studio.

“It’s quite intimidating to write in a room with amazing writers and producers. If you have an idea, you’ll say ‘What about this?’ But then you feel a little silly. I have to come out of my shell. Going into this process, I sat down with my label and said ‘I don’t know if I want to write this much, I don’t know. “Is I a very good writer? I’ve always been with the girls.”

Regarding her new love for songwriting, Perry continued: “As the process progressed and I started pushing myself more, I realized that I really loved writing music. It was a surprise to me. It was a matter.

“It’s been nice to gain the confidence to write my own music (in my home studio).

“Trust me, I’m desperate to give you music – but I just want to make it better and make sure it’s 100 percent what I want to release and what I want you to hear.

“I’ve been cooking, preparing everything and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

What record label is Perrie Edwards signed to?

In December 2023, Perry revealed that she had signed a deal with Columia Records.

What is Perrie Edwards’s Instagram?

Perry can be found at @perriedwards and @perriehq.

What is Perrie Edwards’ TikTok?

Follow Perry @perriedwards.

What is Perry Edwards’ Twitter/x?

The Perry team can be found at @PerriHQ_.

How many number 1 songs have Little Mix had in the UK?

Little Mix have earned five No. 1 singles in the UK to date: the 2011 Damien Rice cover Cannonball, 2012’s Wings, 2015 release Black Magic, 2016’s BRIT Award-winning single Shout Out to My Ex and 2020’s Sweet Melody.

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