Cult Of The Lamb PC Version Free Download

Worship the Lamb PC version free download

In the game Cult of the Lamb, players find themselves in an area belonging to the False Prophet, where players are urged to create their own cult and create a wide community of followers. This adventure game is based on RPG elements, and players will need to convey their message to the people living in the forest, and then travel to various countries and regions to expand the reach of their beliefs so that they can have a wider impact.

The victim becomes a possessed lamb. One day, a hero luckily escapes the wrath of a stranger. The Savior now demands that heroes pay homage to him in the form of faithful people, hoping to lay the foundation for his unique religious faith.

Players are urged to start gathering the necessary resources to build different types of buildings, slowly increasing their faith in their people through sermons and evil rituals to gain the favor of the evil gods.

In doing so, you’ll discover a randomized world map, fight cult followers, and destroy leaders that will allow players to become part of your own land and gain your powers. In order to travel safely, a group of people must be educated, allowed to participate in various mythological rituals, and discover the secrets of five hidden areas.

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