GTA 5 Latest Version Free Download

GTA 5 latest version free download

The new version of GTA 5 is an action-adventure game with numerous additional missions and a storyline with 62 activities of varying difficulty and duration. Players will be able to experience a vast world that can be explored on foot or in any vehicle: motorcycle, car or airship, helicopter, airplane, and off-road vehicle. The fifth installment of “Grand Theft Auto” (15 games in total) takes players back to their hometown of Los Santos, where the events of “San Andreas” took place.

In the latest version of GTA 5, players will accept the command of three different characters. There’s a black man named Franklin, and there’s Michael, a rich white man who’s a victim of witness protection, and there’s redneck Trevor, a completely insane man who commits crimes against the lives of others. Each has its own unique abilities and can help when needed by using it correctly and being pumped. The three were a criminal gang that made huge profits by stealing money from banks, stealing jewelry from stores that sold jewelry, and various illegal activities. Players get involved and switch between characters when needed. They are not just the police or the government, but other criminals as well.

In addition to the main plot, the game also fascinates players with its various side quests, random interactions with other characters, the opportunity to enjoy tennis, golf and yoga, participate in various racing competitions and countless other possibilities. Enjoy your playing. There’s also an online game mode that includes your heists as well as other missions that facilitate joint travel.

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