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In this new era practically dominated by technology, it is common to see great personalities entering the world of podcasts. figure of Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron JamesDidn’t want to miss the opportunity to attend one to talk about basketball.

great star of National Basketball Association He worked closely with the former player JJ Reddick To create a new program under the above format. Its purpose is to specifically talk about any topic that is related to the discipline exercised by both.

,“Mind the Game”Where is the name of the podcast? Lebron James And JJ Reddick Every week they will put out an episode. It premiered this Tuesday, March 19, where they wasted no time in talking a little Stephen Curry,

After more than 20 minutes of the first episode, the two took the opportunity to talk about the number 30 Golden State Warriors The story of the game has been changed in nba, The former player noted that when they had a 19-point lead with time left to play, he had already come off the bench. On the other hand, Lebron James He explained that because of what Curry has done since arriving, this is no longer seen.

“I think since 08-09, when Curry came into the league, the whole story changed. He did this work alone, without anyone’s help. There’s no point, it feels like he’s Pat Mahomes right now.”The Lakers player expressed.

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James Iverson and Curry are more influential than Jordan to LeBron

In turn, he expressed that although we all know what it means Michael Jordan In the world of basketball, Stephen Curry And Allen Iverson These are the players who have had the biggest impact nba Since he follows the league.

“Iverson and Steph were so relatable that kids felt like they could be them. They were people you didn’t always trust, because they were small in stature, but they definitely defied the odds. “Those are two guys you really want to see play every night.”he claimed lebron,

Furthermore, he concluded his talk by saying that long sleeves on the arms are used by most people to imitate Allen IversonJust like everyone wants to make a great three-point basket Stephen Curry,

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