Damian Lillard crowned NBA Three-Point Contest Champion

Ownership milwaukee bucks He came to defend the trophy he won in 2023, this is the fourth time he has presented it after losing in the 2014 and 2019 editions. However, to succeed he will have to face many celebrities who are currently experiencing a great moment.

carl-anthony town Some time ago he was defined as the best three-point shooter in NBA history, his 43.7% percentage in 2023 seems to confirm this; lauri markkanen He fell out in 2023 but reached fresh ground for 2024 with his impressive 40.1% success rate; malik beasleyAnother Bucks player shot 45.1% this season, significantly higher than the 38.1% he was accustomed to in his career; Jalen Brunson With its 41.7% it is one of the best today. Tyrese Haliburton (39.6%), Donovan Mitchell (36.6%) and trey young (37.3%), complete the option.

First round of 3-point challenge

After a random drawing in which all competitors except Damian Lillard participated, the order in which they threw from the 7.24 meter line was defined. After a thrilling contest, the rounds were defined as follows:

  1. Tyrese Haliburton: 26 points.
  2. carl-anthony town: 26 points.
  3. trey young: 26 points.
  4. damian lillard: 26 points.
  5. lauri markkanen: 25 marks.
  6. Jalen Brunson: 24 points.
  7. Donovan Mitchell: 21 points.
  8. malik beasley: 20 marks.

The rule established that only three advanced to the final round, as the four players with 26 points each had to go to a tiebreaker. They again threw from long distance for 30 seconds (each), after that, the qualifiers were: damian lillard (16), carl-anthony town (16) and trey young (15), on the other hand, local Tyrese Haliburton (12) Left out of the final.

2024 NBA Three-Point Contest Final Round

Already in the final stages, carl-anthony town He started with 24 points and set the bar very high for the other contenders. What’s interesting is that Trae Young reached the same amount (24 points). But the party came virtually on the final release, damian lillard He already had 24 points secured and in spectacular fashion he managed to light up the Indian bowlers by scoring a goal on the last ball. Lillard joins Jeff Hornacek (2), Peja Stojakovic (2), Jason Kapono (2) and Stephen Curry (2) with two NBA three-point shooting championships.

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