Dani Alves is once again Barcelona’s legendary player

AndThe man has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for committing an act of sexual assault. The court’s decision establishes that it is clearly displayed That the victim did not give her consent and that there is strong evidence, in addition to the testimony of the reporting person, supports the allegation of rape.

In addition to the prison sentence, the Court of Section 21 of the Provincial Court of Barcelona ordered that the accused Under supervised release for five years, and is banned from contacting, communicating with or having contact with the victim for a period of nine years and six months. Similarly, he has been ordered to pay compensation of 150,000 euros and has been ordered to cover procedural costs.

A recent court decision had an immediate impact on the football world, with Daniel Alves suddenly removed from the list of Barcelona legends on the club’s official website. however no official statement Regarding the reasons, it has been speculated that the decision was made in response to the Brazilian player being sentenced to four years and six months in prison for sexual assault. However, after this action was reported in the media, Barcelona surprisingly changed their stance and included Alves again on their website.

The news of Daniel Alves’ removal as a Barcelona legend on the club’s official website made headlines in world football following the court decision sentencing him. Four years and six months jail for sexual harassment, Although the club did not release any official statement explaining the decision, it was speculated that the action was a direct response to the Brazilian player’s punishment. However, public reaction caused Barcelona to withdraw their initial decision and reinstate Alves as part of their football history on their official website.

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