David Duchovny avoids electric lights for his physical and mental health

David Duchovny Credit: Bang Showbiz

David Duchovny Credit: Bang Showbiz

Former star of ‘The Know Moment’.

“Because I like to get up early, I also go to sleep early. I believe that electric light has changed our sense of mind and body, and we have to hide in the cave from predators at night and wake up The sun, so I try to do it. Constitutionally, I think that’s what works for me,” he said in an interview with The Sunday Times.

The positive part of following this schedule is that it allows you to take advantage of the period when you feel brightest: first thing in the morning, exactly ten minutes after you drink coffee, you get to work.

“I love getting up at the dawn because it’s the best time for me to think and write. I love sunrise, but it also means I can get some work done before the sun gets too bright. It’s the best time.” ,

The rest of the actor’s fitness routine includes Pilates and yoga, swimming and light weight training, all in moderation and changing frequently to make it feel like a sport.


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