‘Delicate’ Season 12 with Kim Kardashian – Cast, News, Date and Spoilers

After ruling reality TV for over a decade, Kim Kardashian has turned her attention to the world of scripted television. She is starring in the 12th season of American Horror Storycalled AHS:DelicateIn a role written specifically for her, opposite franchise favorite Emma Roberts. Hailey Pfeiffer (American Crime Story, dear edward) will be the sole audience for this chapter of the long-running series from Ryan Murphy.

“Kim is one of the biggest and brightest television stars in the world and we are thrilled to welcome her ahs Family,” Murphy said in a statement hollywood reporter Last year, “Emma and I are excited to collaborate with this true force in culture. Hailey Pfeiffer has written a funny, stylish, and ultimately terrifying role specifically for Kim, and this season is ambitious and different from anything we’ve done before.

Murphy was reportedly impressed by Kardashian’s hosting gig Saturday night Live in 2021 and started talking about his role ahs Last summer, according to THR. (However, Patti LuPone does not approve of the casting.) Kardashian shared the news on social media, surprising her millions of fans.

AHS:Delicate It was divided into two parts, with the first installment starting in September 2023. The Internet was impressed with Kardashian’s performance, and immediately became excited for the second part. Luckily, the wait is almost over. AHS:Delicate Will be back on our TVs this April.

Here’s what else we know.

when does it ahs: delicate part two come out?

The highly anticipated part two will premiere on April 3, 2024 at 10PM ET/PT on FX. It will be available to stream on Hulu the next day. The second half of the season will be four episodes long, with a new episode released every Wednesday after the premiere until the finale.

Below is the official trailer.

When? ahs: delicate part one come out?

The first part of this installment premiered on September 20, 2023 on FX. Watch the trailer below.

What is AHS:Delicate About this?

tender Partially based on the novel by Daniel Valentine critical conditionWhich was published in August 2023.

Sourcebooks Landmark Critical Situation

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Sourcebooks Landmark Critical Situation

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According to its publisher Sourcebooks, it is a thriller “that follows a woman believing that a sinister man is doing everything he can to ensure that her pregnancy never occurs – while the men in her life won’t give a damn about what she says.” Refuse to believe the word.”

A quote from author Andrea Bartz even describes the story as a “feminist update”. Rosemary’s baby,” A film adapted from a novel on a similar subject.

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part one of AHS:Delicate Anna is shown struggling with fertility issues as she and her husband Dex try to start a family together. While undergoing IVF, she became more fearful that something or the other was targeting her and her pregnancy. At the same time, Anna’s career as a film star is at an all-time high. After losing the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Anna tells Siobhan that she wants to win an Oscar as badly as she wants a baby.

The trailer for part two opens with Anna telling Siobhan that she thinks there is something wrong with her as she bites a bone.

“I’m going to give you the life of your dreams,” Siobhan can be heard saying in voiceover as Anna imagines some of the pregnancy-related horrors, like a black clawed hand growing out of her stomach, and A child’s carriage has been set on fire.

“What would you sacrifice for this?” she asks the actress.

“Anything,” Anna replies, and Siobhan smiles before sharing a kiss.

“Sometimes you’ve got to snap some people’s necks,” Siobhan says at one point in the trailer, suggesting she might be this season’s villain.

“You’re a monster,” Anna tells her publicist, who smiles slyly before saying, “Oh, no, babe. I’m in really bad shape.”

the trailer is full ahsis specific Blood, creepy creatures, satanic cult activity, and other horrors. It also shows spiders several times in the one and a half minute long clip, which is a big, recurring theme for this season.

Who will be in the cast?

AHS:Delicate marked a Roberts returns after a gap of four years ahs, The series includes its previous seasons CovenantEdit, freak showAnd creed, she stars in tender Actress Anna Victoria Alcott. Kardashian plays Anna’s publicist Siobhan Corbyn. Cara Delevingne joined the cast as Ivy, a mysterious woman who was seen stalking Anna in the first part. Matt Czuchry is Dex Harding, Anna’s husband. Annabelle Dexter-Jones plays both artist Sonia Shawcross and Dex’s late wife, Adeline. Michaela J. Rodriguez is Nicolette, Talia Donovan’s (Julianna Canfield) house manager, who becomes close to Anna after Adeline’s demise. Maaz Ali plays the role of Anna’s bodyguard, Kamal. Billie Lourd (Ashley), Dennis O’Hare (Dr. Andrew Hill), and Leslie Grossman (Ashley) also guest star in the cast.

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