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Launch of next phone model ManzanaHe iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro It has been planned for the month of September. However, anticipation has caused different Rumors and leaks Spread the word about new technology being developed by American brands.

We tell you everything that has been said about the new features and design.

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The first leaks on specialized sites say it’s possible the company is betting four or five prototypes From phone like: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Max, iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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Among the main design rumors, the devices are expected to titanium frame and put usb type c connector, Because these features were announced in previous phone models.

Similarly, according to the website macrumors, Cell phones are expected to have one new touch button It was incorporated into the side section of what would be called ‘Project Nova’ to allow faster access to the cameras.

It should be noted that the inclusion of larger sensors will bring a significant change to photography. According to MajinbuOfficial, a user of the social network X who leaked information about a possible new design, the main change will be in the lens iPhone 16 Pro

According to what was published, the camera module will change and will have a triangular appearance.

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According to media specializing in technology Xataka, The new design of iPhone will be similar to iPhone, at least in its camera module. According to the experts on the page above, Apple wants to allow recording space video For 3D visualization Apple Vision Pro.

It should be noted that this option is not available on the iPhone 15 due to the slanted shape of the cameras.

It seems that Apple is working on iPhone 16 SE and 16 Plus SE which could be positioned at the lower end of the market

On February 12, He (special Edition).

“According to what is said in this image, the source of which I have no knowledge, it seems Apple is working on iPhone 16 SE and 16 Plus SE That said, it could be placed at the lower end of the market,” he indicated. Similarly, he said that these new devices will have One camera, 60Hz screen and the smallest battery ever.

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Majin Buu gets special mention iPhone 16 in the news. According to what was published, the phone will have a 120Hz screen, 2 cameras and an improved 3,561 milliamp battery.

He concluded, “The 16 Plus should have a 4006 milliamp battery and the 16 Pro Max should be equipped with a 4676 milliamp battery.”

The user, known for sharing insider information about consumer technology, warned that he is skeptical of all the rumored changes.

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