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“How corrupt people steal from you.” This is the name of the report which troubled the government Nicolas Maduro and caused the cancellation of the signal of the Spanish channel of the German channel Deutsche Welle (DW). Venezuela, The program’s 26-minute video “How Does It Affect You” addressed the issue of corruption in various Latin American countries, and a portion of the note pointed to the Venezuelan military and politicians’ alleged ties to so-called cartels. it was done. Sun.

On Monday, Venezuela’s Communications and Information Minister Mohd. freddy saenezAnnounced removal from the channel D.W. By accusing the television station, all the cable service companies of the country “Disseminating material and promoting hate propaganda” Against the nation.

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Ñáñez The report by DW has been described as “fake” Venezuela, He said, “Their fraud is disgusting, but the poverty of their materials is also sad.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks to his supporters during a demonstration in Caracas on February 29, 2024. (Photo by FEDERICO PARRA/AFP).

then the channel itself D.W. The cancellation was condemned in a statement by Venezuela of his signal, a solution that he considered “Attack on press freedom”And Demanded to get the signal repaired.

“We strongly call for Venezuelan government To restore the delivery of distribution channel as soon as possible. dw tv in spanish, cancellation of delivery D.W. This is a serious attack on the freedom of the people Venezuela Be independently informed,” the medium’s director general said in the statement. Peter Limburg,

“Millions of people have fled Venezuela during the reign ripe, Freedom of the press practically does not exist, He responds to criticism backed by facts with absurd comparisons, which fit this profile. About defamation, censorship, internet blocks and the spread of misinformation D.W. And its informational function, is something that we are facing in an increasing number of countries. “We will continue to do everything in our power to reach out to people living under authoritarian rule,” he said.

The video that created a storm

But what troubled Maduro so much? In a video published on social networks, the Venezuelan journalist Ernesto Fuenmayor A summary of the portion of the report that was cited was presented in just over a minute Venezuela The second most corrupt country in the world, where cartel of the suns He allegedly smuggles drugs and gold with complete impunity due to the nexus of politicians.

,Venezuela is a mafia state, High ranking politicians participate in it Los Souls Cartela criminal network composed mainly of military, they transport cocaine, illegally mined gold, and they practice extortion. The people involved have made a lot of money. and you know how it is: happy army, happy Nicolas Maduro, This relationship formed between the state and organized crime Venezuela According to Transparency International, it is the second most corrupt country in the world. Fuenmayer,

“He Los Souls Cartel It has the support of mayors and governors in key areas for drug trafficking, which is very convenient. It is not known whether Maduro plays an active role, But we know that justice is not independent and is in the hands of the government. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are generous towards the people on their team. Especially if it provides stability to the madness. All this information comes from the prestigious investigative organization InSight Crime,” the journalist concluded.

“Nazi Channel”: Maduro’s response

Called in his weekly program on state television on Monday “With Maduro+”The Venezuelan President reacted to the report by calling DW a “Nazi” channel.

“They have a small campaign directed by CNN en Español, CNN in general; Associated Press, by AP; Through all those means, Among them was Germany’s Nazi outlet, DW.Deutsche Welle (…), saying that all the crimes that happen in the world today are committed by Venezuelans,” he said. ripe,

“They want to show that everything bad in the world is right here, they want to stain me To attack the country. We must be careful,” he added.

ripe He also rejected journalistic reports about the expansion of Venezuelan criminal gangs into Latin America. aragua train,

In 2017, Maduro took CNN en Español off the air.

Broadcasting of 14 channels was stopped since 2010

He National Union of Press Workers (SNTP) Of Venezuela Remembered that from 2010, At least 14 international channels have been removed from subscription television providers in the country Due to pressure from the Chavista regime.

In Spanish he mentioned TV Chile, America Network, Ritmo Son, Momentum, America TV, NTN24, Caracol Television, RCN, El Tiempo, CNN, TV Azteca, 24 Horas TVN and now Deutsche Welle.

What is worth remembering is that in February 2017, The Maduro regime ordered the news network CNN en Español to stop broadcasting, after accusing him Carry out “war propaganda” against them.

The day before the censorship, Venezuela’s then-Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez called it an “absolute lie”. What was revealed in a CNN en Español report about an alleged network selling Venezuelan passports to Middle Eastern citizens,

For its part, state-owned Contel said in a statement that CNN en Español programming “conveys, in a clear and comprehensible way, content that allegedly constitutes direct attacks that threaten peace and democratic stability in Venezuela”.

In protest of what happened to DW, Venezuela’s National College of Journalists said on its social networks: “Without a free press, there is dictatorship… Censorship is another attack against freedom of expression.”

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